Thursday of #WeekInMyLife15

Team Whitaker WIML_thursday

And we are still going strong! Linking up with Kathryn (and posting every day – so far!) for a week of diary like posts about our ordinary little life! Here is Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday if you want to be fully immersed!

Today was much more ordinary and mundane. I had overly ambitious plans to take the kids to Costco at 10 when it opened, but those plans were quickly dashed on the rocks of cranky children who refused to eat or get dressed or co-operate in any way. So we stayed at home. Clara ventured out to play in the snow

2015-11-19 10.00.09

And less than 5 minutes later, was back inside

2015-11-19 10.09.48

2015-11-19 11.13.07When I accepted that it was going to be a “Home” day, I had to pick at least one chore I never get to and tackle it so I had some accomplishment of the day. I chose cleaning our room, since its for sure one I rarely get to. The kids were so “helpful” as I moved furniture and vacuumed. Anyways its much better now. I can never seem to leave the furniture in the same place if I vacuum, so I re-arranged the room and like the new set up much better! We will see how it works out and how many times I trip trying to walk to the bathroom in the dark.

2015-11-19 11.29.48After that I tried to think of some quiet activity we could do, the kids were whiny and the TV was so tempting. Tessa fell asleep around this time and it turned out to be a long long nap, so I am glad we were home and she got all the sleep she needed. In tried to resist turning on the TV and thought I would try the oft pinned sheet+fan fort idea.

2015-11-19 11.37.10

My take? It’s way harder than it looks. (Unless you up for duct take on your floors maybe) So frustrating and sweaty and every time someone enters or leaves the whole fort deflates.

So it really ended up more like this: One more mess to clean up later. Can you tell today was a little frustrating?

2015-11-19 11.38.10

2015-11-19 18.45.17For all of us I think.

I tried distracting them with skyping their favourite (and only so far) cousin. Gabe and Hugh are almost “Twin cousins” (a reoccurring tradition in my family) because they were born exactly a week apart. At the time we shared a home with them, so they are so close and really sweet to watch growing up together, even though our families live 3 hrs apart now. And although Gabe’s 7 days older, Hugh makes up for it by being about 17 pounds bigger than him.

So yes there was lots of fight breaking up and crying child comforting (and clean up. the really really unplesent kind) interspersed with trying to get them to eat so they would be happy playing for a few seconds

2015-11-19 12.18.01 Do pickles count as lunch? Just pickles? better than nothing? Add a tortilla and call it a meal. It will give at least enough energy to fight some bad guys with the vacuum hose.

2015-11-19 11.37.51

But before the afternoon was over I made an effort to reclaim it, straightened my hair, put on some lipstick and clean clothes, twice, (and took a selfie while nursing the baby) So that I could be a bit of a more welcoming sight for Brian when he got home from work.

2015-11-19 18.12.45

The afternoon and evening were not too remarkable. I made dinner, the kids had to be tricked into eating any of it (beef and barley soup) and then Brian convinced me to run out alone, really alone, without even the baby, to Costco to get laundry soap since we had completely run out. He was so sweet and cleaned up the dishes and terribly messy play room while I was out, so we have a nice clean house to begin tomorrow hopefully on a much better note.

2015-11-19 18.38.32So I got a little bit of alone time in the Costco gas bar line up. At least gas was cheap!  And then a leisurely stroll through the aisles. Before waiting in the checkout line up (The closest Costco also happens to be the busiest location in North America. Lucky me!)

view of Costco front entrance from my dashboard

view of Costco front entrance from my dashboard

The subtitle for this week could be “Parking Spot Blessings” because once again (it happened on Tuesday at the mall!) the spot directly in front of the door was available, so I am counting my blessings and close parking spots in the freezing cold are certainly one!

I have big plans for tomorrow so if the kids have a good night and are up for it tomorrow, we may go visit a friend and it is Friday after all – as Clara would squeal: “WEEEEKEND!!! No Work No Work No Work for Two DAYS!!” So we have made it thus far my friends, on we go! Thanks for following along if you have made it this far!


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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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8 Responses to Thursday of #WeekInMyLife15

  1. Mary says:

    Ammmmymyyy. I am loving reading about your week. It makes me feel like I am there. EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT!

    Brian is the best.

    The kids are the cutest.


  2. I enjoyed your Thursday! We had a very similar day, without all the terrible cold and snow! How do you do it with three in that weather? Oh goodness no! Florida is still in the 80s and it’s almost December. I love this place!

    Regardless, good job on cleaning and building a fort! You’re a fun momma allowing the kiddos to overtake the house. I’ve made a few forts for Sue out of boxes and blankets when we moved. She found them too dark so they didn’t last long. 🙂


  3. Hannah says:

    I am literally always rearranging our furniture – David calls it a disease, I call it my coping mechanism for staying at home all the time. 🙂


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  5. I’m a little behind on blog reading this week but I’m loving a little peek into your daily life! And I don’t know how you deal with the snow, seriously. We’ve been wearing short sleeves most days this week in Louisiana!


    • Amy says:

      None of us know how we deal either, it truly takes a while hour to get ready to go out the door, and then take OFF coats to go in car seat, than back on to cross the parking lot, than back off once inside, it’s a miracle we get anywhere


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