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Easter Weekend Recap

Good thing I write posts mostly and only for myself, because gosh oh gee this is “late” for a recap! Anyway we had a wonderful easter, I might even say “low key” but thats mostly just low key compared to … Continue reading

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Quotes and thoughts and Lent and stuff

The other day, when thinking about what resolutions to take up for Lent, I was wondering what my new years resolutions were and I had no idea. I literally could not remember one single one. never a good sign. Turns … Continue reading

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100th Blog Post – All About Blogging

WOW! Somehow I am up to 100 Blog Posts? That’s over about 3 years… so it really is probably not that big of a number, but it still seems like somewhat of a milestone. So in honor of this being my … Continue reading

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Sunday of #WeekInMyLife15

Today marks the end of #WeekInMyLife15, an annual blogging challenge hosted by Kathryn and somehow I successfully blogged every day for a week (miracle in and of itself!) about the ordinary ins and outs of our week. If you want to catch … Continue reading

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Tessa’s Baptism (and the GOWN!)

Our beautiful daughter was baptized this past weekend! (Actually the week before… took me longer to get this posted than I was hoping We planned her baptism to be after the morning Mass on Saturday, normally our parish has baptisms … Continue reading

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Story Time – Graduation and Missionary Years Atlanta and Washington DC

Story time with Amy. As I sit here, waiting and waiting for baby to come, with not much happening to write about in our day to day life…  and from recent comments, I am remembering all these stories I meant … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes – 39 Weeks, False Alarms, and Papal Visits

Sensing that this will be random, so might as well make it a Quick Takes, it is Friday after all! Linking up with Kelly who is sharing lots of awesome updates from Philly as we speak. 1. Still waiting on … Continue reading

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Welcome to Advent

Happy Sunday! Today is the first day of Advent! These words from today’s second reading from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians are really resonating to me as we begin a season filled with ambitious goals and abundant to-to lists. as … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday in November! Quick Takes

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans who are celebrating with family today! We sent some love (via photo texts!) to our USA family members featuring this little adorable girl But here in Canada, where our Thanksgiving was the second Monday … Continue reading

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Living between the Annunciation and the Visitation

A few weeks ago there was a guest speaker at the Mothers Group at my parish. The speaker was Sister John Mary of the Sisters for Life. She grew up in this parish, we see her mom and dad every week at … Continue reading

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