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4th Birthday Rainbow Unicorn Party

I wanted to share some photos with the world of the party that we had on Sunday for our dear daughter’s 4th Birthday. She had been talking about a “Rainbow Unicorn theme” pretty much since the day after her 3rd … Continue reading

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Knighting Our Two Year Old – A Knights Slaying Dragons Birthday Party

A Knights and Dragons 2nd Birthday Party I haven’t been on the blog too much in the past week and that may in part have been because of the preparations underway for Huey’s 2nd Birthday! I want to say I … Continue reading

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A Message from a Friend in the Mommy Trenches

I have noticed a few “Dear new mom: appreciate the moments” posts swirling around in the past few days. I always read those posts, especially when they are written by some of my favourite bloggers and friends. I love those posts … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – two weeks old, big kid antics, baby pictures

Linking my my random with Kelly! Now that the cocoon of first-week-postpartum has passed, the dust is settling a little to reveal what real life with 3 kids looks like for us. There have been a few moments that need … Continue reading

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Huey’s cuties these days

Earlier today I got this text from a friend:   Honestly, it happens a lot. Hugh is just a total cutie! But not perfect… He has a bit of a temper, ever since he was a newborn we would describe him … Continue reading

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Childrens books we love

In honor of International Children’s Book day (Hans Andersen’s birthday) I wanted to share some of the kids books that have been a huge hit around here, both for the kids and for me. We make frequent trips to the … Continue reading

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Hugh’s 1st Birthday

One year ago Brian and I interrupted the suspenseful, sort of good but sort of awful British crime drama movie (I cant even remember the name) we were watching to go upstairs and have a baby… Well it wasn’t exactly … Continue reading

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Come spend a Sunny, Sleepy, Searchy day with me

I love reading the day-in-the-life posts that other bloggers write, even if it seems like a mundane and simple day, it is interesting to see how mamas days can be so similar and so different all at the same time. … Continue reading

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Outsmarted by the little one

Lately I feel like most of my posts have been mainly about Hugh, and I am glad I have written what I have about the newest little member of our family. But so much of my day is spent chasing, … Continue reading

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