Tuesday of #WeekInMyLife15

Team Whitaker WIML_tuesday

Its 9:39 pm. Brian’s at a meeting, and I am going to try to recap the day, lots of pictures and hopefully adding the words to make it atleast make a little sense to outsiders won’t take me too long.

(If you are just joining, Welcome! I am linking up and shamelessly coping Kathryn in her wonderful idea to make a record of what a week in my life looks like. Heres Monday)

2015-11-17 07.37.10

This morning started with the best sight (and sounds and smells) I could imagine. Brian making breakfast for us before he left for work. He’s the best, not even a little bit of an exaggeration. He had been up 20 or 30,000 times during the night with every crying and upset and has-to-go-pee and already-peed child. And he still woke up and thought of us first. #Blessed

2015-11-17 08.08.52

Snapchat-7221990708282149918So eat delicious breakfast than start to get everyone dressed and ready. For some reason I had thought since 10am had been a bit of a rough time to have a play date yesterday, 9am would be better today? Thats crazy Amy. But ok. So I tried to get everone ready to go to a little play place in the mall. We did get ready and we did get to the mall around 9 (But the stores don’t open til 9:30 apparently) But it meant we got the perfect parking spot looking right at the front door. Wahoo!

IMG_20151117_215325But…. the play place was kind of under construction, and there was a GIANT tv playing Ice Age so the kids didnt actually play and just stood like zombies most of the time, so I texted my friend Lindsay (who is also about to have her 3rd… any day! Pray for her!!) And we decided to have our play date at the Library instead. So I loaded up the stroller and walked across the mall parking lot to the Library with the great play space.

2015-11-17 10.57.20 2015-11-17 11.15.45 2015-11-17 11.22.51 2015-11-17 11.22.53

Beautiful Pregnant Mama and Hugh kissing her daughter non stop.. what does the future hold!
While we were there Clara brought me a book to read that talked about Aurora (of Sleeping Beauty fame) dreaming about horses, and I asked Clara “do you ever dream about horses?”
“No, I only dream about unicorns”
> insert Oxford word of the year cry face Emoji here <
After some fun time at the library, loaded up again and back across the huge parking lot and to the car and home and… time to watch the Mike the Knight DVD from the library because Amy can’t stay standing any longer!

2015-11-17 14.05.02

2015-11-17 14.04.54These are the only pictures I have to capture the ordinary mundane little afternoon we had. Hugh didn’t do as well with napping in his big boy bed today. He did fall asleep on the floor of his bedroom for awhile, but it was much shorter than he is used to so he joined us for some of that nothingness that seems to fill some of my afternoons. 2015-11-17 14.09.24Like some crafts. And someone was in my arms the WHOLE. DAY. up to this point. Including the liubrary and mall time. (double stroller and baby in Moby wrap carrier)

Anyway it was lovely in its simple small little way.

Then I started dinner prep and doing the breakfast and lunch dishes

2015-11-17 15.37.05W2015-11-17 17.27.44ith two “helpers” (not really helpful) and that dip again (is helpful to get through the afternoon) and we somehow ended up with a healthy dinner when Brian came home. Spagetti squash, sauce and turkey meatballs.

I did get some accomplishments of the home maker kind in.


Oops the messy before picture should have been on top

2015-11-17 20.49.38 that spot on the floor is almost always covered in a mountain of dirty laundry. Clear for now! (That does mean there is a mountain of clean laundry somewhere else but I am choosing to focus on the positive)

2015-11-17 19.59.51Pre-bedtime selfie
Post Bedtime celebration selfie2015-11-17 20

2015-11-17 20.32.42



and after bedtime wine-down-time blogging and watching Periscopes and doing dishes for hours until Brian gets home from his meeting!




Lets see what tomorrow has in store.




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  5. Lauren says:

    Props to you for keeping up with this having three little ones in tow!


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