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Joan Moira’s Birth Story

Joan’s Birth Story I love writing up my babies birth stories as soon after as possible – before all the details get fuzzy and my mom memory kicks in (aka blocks out all the details!) Disclaimer: it’s a birth story … Continue reading

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Before Baby 4 Comes

I want to try to record a little of what life is like right now, before it majorly changes with the new little ones arrival. I am 38 weeks pregnant today, so theoretically it could be “any day” but that … Continue reading

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12 Months of Tessa

A year ago today Tessa upstaged Brian’s 29th Birthday with her arrival. So today while celebrating Brian’s 30th birthday we are also celebrating Tessa’s 1st. Here’s a little look back at how she’s grown. I will have to grab some more … Continue reading

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Getting to Sunday Mass during a Houseboating Trip in the Shuswap

We planned a family houseboating trip to celebrate both my mom and dad turning 60 this year, Dad in August and Mom in October, so we booked in mid september, 3 nights aboard the “Woody’s Crew” out of Sicamous BC. … Continue reading

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A Message from a Friend in the Mommy Trenches

I have noticed a few “Dear new mom: appreciate the moments” posts swirling around in the past few days. I always read those posts, especially when they are written by some of my favourite bloggers and friends. I love those posts … Continue reading

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The Third Birth {another story time with amy installment}

The bulk of this birth story was written a day or two after birth. Only re-read and (somewhat?) edited now. This is the third of my birth stories, read Clara and Hugh’s here! Warning, it is a birth story. TMI … Continue reading

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Hugh’s Birth Story {another story time with amy installment}

I am on a roll! Hoping to get all three birth stories up here, Clara’s is posted, click here to read. And linking up with Theresa because I am posting just barely in time! Warning this one is a little … Continue reading

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Story Time with Amy – The First Birth

I did not write this until now, three years later, and my memory is very very faded, but I wanted to try to record as much as I can remember. I may come back some day and improve the story … Continue reading

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Tessa’s First Month

Pictures and random scrambled thoughts, what can be better?! At 1 month she weighed in around 11 lbs 3 oz, up 25% from her birth weight which is quite a good achievement. I think we have another 95th percentile child … Continue reading

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7QT ~ Costumed Children, and Way To Soon Postpartum Zoo trips, and Other Such Marvels

Joining Kelly and many others who are grateful for 7 Quick Takes to sum up the week with!   1 Halloween on a Saturday? Might be the best of a worst. I am not really a Halloween fan, but I … Continue reading

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