A Day in Our Life

I remember writing a post like this awhile before Tesssa was born, Nope it was from 2014 when Clara was 2 and Hugh was 6 months old. (See this blog IS my memory for me.) There’s just no other way like it to capture just what life is like, a little snapshot of these phases of life that go so quickly and it’s hard to remember once they are past what all the little details were really like.

At this point, I am 38.5 weeks pregnant. Clara is 5, Hugh is 3.5 and Tessa is 22 months.

I knew today would be pretty “regular” in some ways, although at this point in life/pregnancy/summer we really don’t have much routine and lots of days are different. But it also gave me a lot more purpose to try a little harder, snap a few more pictures than I normally do, and not so easily give into my excuses.

7:30 Brian woke me up and let me know he was leaving for work, he had gotten up and got ready and made pancakes for all of us and was feeding Clara and Hugh because he is just flat out incredible. He does this A LOT. He turned on a show for the kids so I could take a shower and headed to work.

7:50 I came down and found Clara and Hugh watching one of those super annoying kids shows where the characters are telling the kids to move and jump and be active and really they are just sitting on the couch staring at them and ignoring their futile cries to “mmmm mmmmm mmmm move it!!”

So much movement.

8:00 I wake up Tessa and keep encouraging the kids to eat, turn off the show and make myself Raspberry Leaf Tea to try to get this uterus toned and also brew my very last tea bag from my trip to London (*tear*) for iced tea for later. I scribble out some notes for this blog post.

8:30 My day planner is totally empty for today besides an offer from my dad to have the kids come visit his house this afternoon. I try to decide what to take on for the day, aka where to clean. I decide on

  • trying to find all the library books to return,
  • vacuum and maybe mop the floor and
  • clean the newborn baby carseat.

I did end up getting the TV room vacuumed before 9, So that is awesome! The kids are oh so helpful.

I even moved furniture around because that is the only thing that makes vacuuming worthwhile. Gotta move the comfy nursing chair into the best TV viewing spot. Bask in those glorious carpet vacuum lines.

9:00 in my cleaning enthusiasm realize I can empty the front hall closet if I finally move the winter coats down to the basement. oops. watch it snow tomorrow.

Start a load of laundry in my trips up and down stairs .

Remember there is story time at the Library at 10:15, I wonder if we can make it. Clara dresses herself but Hugh and Tessa and I all need some work.

Randomly decide to put out the August feast day Saint peg dolls. The kids helpfully add Ariel and Donatello.

St. Clare, St. Philomena, St. Dominic, St. Helena, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Ariel and Donatello

9:35 three people are dressed including me!

I find a basket of “clean” laundry that needs to be washed again, Gross.

I remember today needs a plan for dinner. and lunch. UGH! Didn’t I just do this yesterday?!

Defrost some ground beef for tacos and concede that lunch will probably be pathetic.

9:54 We finally made it into the car after some massive tantrums and being *this close* to taking away the whole library trip because it’s just not worth it. The kids scramble and realize they really really really want to go and start to cooperate.

10:05 We made it. I love being out of the house for awhile when a room is clean, just knowing that no one is messing it up and it will still look tidy when we return is so consoling to me.

We stay at the library way longer than I planned, the kids are enjoying it and being really good. The librarians and volunteers have some new activities and things to show the kids and Hugh and Clara both make a friend they want to play with for ever and ever.

Look how dirty her feet are!

My dad offers to feed Clara and Hugh lunch if I bring them over at quarter after 12, SWEET!

12:30 I drop them off and take Tessa home for her nap. We pick up A&W on the way home because I know I probably won’t eat if not and I have a coupon! I hope Root Beer doesn’t have caffeine because I shared with Tessa to keep her awake on the drive home

1:00 I pull into the garage and see a mouse just hanging out right in front of me. Waaaaay to brave and comfortable.

In the house, I run around a bit and switch the laundry, wash breakfast dishes, turn on the good professor and watch some of my lectures while getting the taco meat in the crock pot and giving Tessa a bottle.

1:30 Tessa happily goes down for her nap, a few snuggles and renditions of “Happy Birthday to Mommy and Daddy” (her current lullaby request) and she is just the easiest kids I’ve ever known to put down for naps some days. So lucky! (bed time is not the same… why!)

I bring in the carseat and take it apart to wash the pieces.

Its tempting to do ALL THE THINGS because I theoretically could. No kids to interfere, but I know I should sit down so I do. Stop, drop, and scroll. Work on this post a bit, watch more of the lecture which is really just background info on the actual lecture. #nerd and look at laundry that I should probably fold.

Million Dollar question: Should I nap?…..

I realized by accident that my phone connects itself to our smart TV, so I can watch these lectures from YouTube on something bigger than my phone or tiny laptop and it’s been very very exciting to my little brain.

3:45 I   think I maybe did nap for a little while but now it’s time to get up and get moving, wake and change Tessa, give her a snack, move along some laundry loads and check on dinner and go pick up the Bigs from Grampa’s house.  Oh yeah and finally drink that tea that I made this morning and never got around to drinking til now. Carseat nearly cleaned.

confession: I got the chairs up like that but never did end up sweeping. Brian did when he got home because he’s the best. #teamwork

THanks to my dad for being awesome and keeping Clara and Huey all afternoon, they walked the dog and had lunch and otherwise exhausted themselves. We see a ton of bumble bees on the flowers

And they throw massive hissy fits that they have to leave and Hugh is SO tired, so I promise them a bike ride with daddy as a sugar free bribe for when they get home.

4:50 We get home at just about the same time Brian does. I tell him about my bike promise and serve everyone a quick burrito as a “snack” to ward off the Hangry before they head out around the block.

5:30 Tessa and I sit and scroll and watch the stupidest show ever (Candy Crush… what have game shows come to!?) while we wait for them to come back.

6:15 Clara and Hugh and Brian get home for second dinner. Then some negotiations about what to do with the evening. We spend awhile cleaning up a very messy kids room (searching for more library books that need to be returned) and baiting/threatening to take away watching “Amazing Race Canada” together if little people cooperate and get jammies on.

7:30 People have cooperated a little and so we sit down to watch together – don’t know how this has some how become a thing, but they call it “Amazing Grace” and we fast forward a lot but they like it. Hugh IMMEDIATELY falls asleep on the couch and gets moved to bed.

Tessa and I half watch and half reassemble the Carseat. She’s STOKED about the “New Baby!!” and brings some of her own to come test it out, then she herself has to make sure it’s “tooo little” and when the episode ends we put the girls in bed.

Brian and I have some time to talk,  discuss some topical articles we’ve come across through the day, and I fall asleep sometime during the episode of Grey’s Anatomy he starts to watch. Probably way too late (11:30?)  But there’s the day!




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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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  1. Hannah Gokie says:

    Sounds like a great day! It’s so nice to have grandparents come take some parenting burdens once in awhile, especially while hugely pregnant. 😉


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