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Joan Moira’s Birth Story

Joan’s Birth Story I love writing up my babies birth stories as soon after as possible – before all the details get fuzzy and my mom memory kicks in (aka blocks out all the details!) Disclaimer: it’s a birth story … Continue reading

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Houseboating Trip Highs and Lows

I spent the day putting together the video clips I shot on our houseboating trip! I think it will end up taking me a couple of posts to capture all of our trip, so along with this post I will … Continue reading

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4th Birthday Rainbow Unicorn Party

I wanted to share some photos with the world of the party that we had on Sunday for our dear daughter’s 4th Birthday. She had been talking about a “Rainbow Unicorn theme” pretty much since the day after her 3rd … Continue reading

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Hugh’s Birth Story {another story time with amy installment}

I am on a roll! Hoping to get all three birth stories up here, Clara’s is posted, click here to read. And linking up with Theresa because I am posting just barely in time! Warning this one is a little … Continue reading

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100th Blog Post – All About Blogging

WOW! Somehow I am up to 100 Blog Posts? That’s over about 3 years… so it really is probably not that big of a number, but it still seems like somewhat of a milestone. So in honor of this being my … Continue reading

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Friday of #WeekInMyLife15

I am on a roll!! Blogged every day since Sunday, so far I have recapped what Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Salisbury house is like. So many options to click if you are really really interested in what … Continue reading

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Tessa’s Baptism (and the GOWN!)

Our beautiful daughter was baptized this past weekend! (Actually the week before… took me longer to get this posted than I was hoping We planned her baptism to be after the morning Mass on Saturday, normally our parish has baptisms … Continue reading

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One Week Old – reflections on the first week of life

It’s hard to believe we have had one whole week already of enjoying the company of our darling new daughter. She has been so good to us. All those important things a baby has to do; like learning to nurse … Continue reading

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Story Time ~ Everyone Loves a Love Story ~ How We Met

I left the last story time post with the spring of 2008, when I was coming to the end of my 3 years as a missionary, and had to find my “next step” in life. I will add that this … Continue reading

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Story Time – Graduation and Missionary Years Atlanta and Washington DC

Story time with Amy. As I sit here, waiting and waiting for baby to come, with not much happening to write about in our day to day life…  and from recent comments, I am remembering all these stories I meant … Continue reading

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