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How to Make Friends Online in 12 easy steps

You’ve probably noticed I don’t post blog posts often. But don’t worry I spend too much time on screens just like the rest of you. For every minute I spend writing a blog post, I probably spend (totally random number … Continue reading

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7QT – Random catch up Takes – weekend trips, Prayer intentions, photo dump

A bit of recap of life lately, should probably be 7 separate posts since many of these are completely unrelated, and not necessarily “quick”.  But here you are! And check out Kelly and the many other bloggers sharing 7 Quick … Continue reading

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Quotes and thoughts and Lent and stuff

The other day, when thinking about what resolutions to take up for Lent, I was wondering what my new years resolutions were and I had no idea. I literally could not remember one single one. never a good sign. Turns … Continue reading

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The Evolution of a Prayer Life

I’ve wanted to share a little about my experience with prayer life in the ever changing life of a mom with increasingly more little kids. When the scope-hop came up it just spurred me to grab my long languishing draft … Continue reading

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Story Time – Graduation and Missionary Years Atlanta and Washington DC

Story time with Amy. As I sit here, waiting and waiting for baby to come, with not much happening to write about in our day to day life…  and from recent comments, I am remembering all these stories I meant … Continue reading

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June First – Catch up, Goals, and Accomplishments!

  You are supposed to say nice things about a post that disappears into oblivion right? Well since my *sarcasticly* wonderful post seems to be gone, this is the short short version of all the things that have happened since … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Poker, Encyclicals, Good Wife and Weddings

I really wanted to write and publish a blog post tonight, but haven’t the mental energy or inspiration for one whole coherent piece. Isn’t that why Quick Takes were invented? Continue reading

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A homemade Holy Water Font for your Home

I lead our moms group in a crafty activity this morning,  and just wanted to share a little about it because when I was looking for ideas on making a holy water font the only options were either VERY advanced … Continue reading

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Advent Traditions pay off

I am thrilled to be participating in BethAnne’s Advent Blog Hop today, thanks for stopping by! Stay awhile and look around! And if you did’t come from BethAnne’s, and want more advent posts to read, look out the many wonderful … Continue reading

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Welcome to Advent

Happy Sunday! Today is the first day of Advent! These words from today’s second reading from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians are really resonating to me as we begin a season filled with ambitious goals and abundant to-to lists. as … Continue reading

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