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How to Make Friends Online in 12 easy steps

You’ve probably noticed I don’t post blog posts often. But don’t worry I spend too much time on screens just like the rest of you. For every minute I spend writing a blog post, I probably spend (totally random number … Continue reading

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Currently. Sick kids, new Tech, Same old complaints

So every once in awhile Hannah posts one of these and I just shamelessly copy it because I would never think of doing it all on my own.  And when its been awhile since a thoughtful blog post and there … Continue reading

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An Ode to blog Commenters

My Phone is back… but my laptop is now dead. If it ain’t one thing than it’s another! Anyway I just needed to write something and say THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENTS!!! I just saw that I had a handful … Continue reading

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Drive Thru Coffee date

Fast, short, sweet, but I wanna chat with you my lovely readers! Guys… What have I done!? Taken on another project that turns out to be huge? Well yes sort of! Anyway I just wanted to pop on here and … Continue reading

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Goals and Resolutions for 2016

I love Goals! And I love resolutions! Not just at new years but any day of the year when a new goal or resolution pops into my head I will start it that day if I can because I figure, … Continue reading

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Coffee Date {Round 2}

My first time doing a post like this was lots of fun and perfectly unorganized and unprofessional and a brain dump, so its time again for: What I Would Talk to You About if we were Sitting Together at a … Continue reading

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100th Blog Post – All About Blogging

WOW! Somehow I am up to 100 Blog Posts? That’s over about 3 years… so it really is probably not that big of a number, but it still seems like somewhat of a milestone. So in honor of this being my … Continue reading

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Coffee Date with Amy

Christy’s post about Missing Blogs (and the conversation in the comments sections) served as a sort of rallying call for bloggers to go ahead and just blog,  (or was that just my take from it?) and not feel that every … Continue reading

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I Think This Means I Have a Blogging Friend aka That Time I Got A Liebster

I was reading Hannah’s blog the other day, Goki Notes, is a blog I have come to love lately, following along as her beautiful daughter Kate is growing and Hannah’s never exhausted ability to tackle projects (and work full time at home!?) … Continue reading

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