Tessa’s First Month

Pictures and random scrambled thoughts, what can be better?!

At 1 month she weighed in around 11 lbs 3 oz, up 25% from her birth weight which is quite a good achievement.

2015-11-02 13.39.15

I think we have another 95th percentile child on our hands. Shes coming out of the phase of newborn acne, although our insane dryness here is not helping at all. Coconut oil to the rescue. She got sick with a cold in her first week, and its led to some long lasting snuffles, but I think it may partly just be who she is, one of those snorty babies. When she is calm or asleep her breathing is perfectly silent, but when shes worked up or upset there is lots of snuffling and snorting to be heard.

2015-11-02 13.10.28

She has just begun to start smiling at us. Haven’t caught one on camera lately, it’s the only downside of trying not to have my phone in my hands while I am having meaningful interaction and play time with the kids.

2015-11-02 13.49.03

She nurses lots, but does so quickly and then goes back to sleep or to quietly watch the big kids and their antics. Over all shes very calm and happy except for 7-10pm each evening when she needs to be bounced or carried but doesn’t want to eat or sleep.

But when she is sleeping… oh shes a dream. My aunt was totally shocked last night while Tessa slept through our arrival at my parents for family dinner, dogs barking, kids demanding asking politely (hah) for their grandparents to play with them, watch this! get me toys! turn on the radio! dance! food! chair arguments, cup arguments, more chair arguments.. and she slept through it all, and then woke up after we finished eating for some smiley visiting time. She isn’t always that congenial but over all she is very considerate 😉

2015-11-01 14.27.57

She has outgrown newborn cloth diapers and is in the one size fits all ones now. Glad we only bought one box of newborn and one of size 1’s disposable diapers because shes pretty much ready for 2’s (I try to use cloth around the house and disposable over night and when we have busy days going out or stuff). For clothes she is still in 3 month, but its getting tight in the length department. Newborn size? hah! one outfit on the day of birth worn once is all that happened in the Newborn size.

2015-11-07 16.06.42

I have started putting her into “real” clothes occasionally. Mostly just for the photo opp before she outgrows them (the above jeans were tight…) I firmly believe babies should be in sleepers and onesies all the time until they are 1 or can walk or something a long long time from now.  And she has big feet, as see in the little “shoe” socks above barely fittin the length of her little feet.

2015-11-08 11.17.31

This little dress is so beautiful and sweet so she had to wear it to mass on Sunday. And all day Sunday because it was just too precious! I tried to take some more pictures of her in it after Mass but her loving brother and sister quickly started stealing the show:

2015-11-08 11.18.52 2015-11-08 11.19.35 2015-11-08 11.20.17 2015-11-08 11.20.20 2015-11-08 11.28.34 2015-11-08 11.28.57 2015-11-08 11.28.59

Her siblings clearly love her and are happy to have NEW BABY (as Clara calls her) and “Tessa Bessa” as Hugh refers to her as a part of our lives. Hugh frequently requests “chair….hold!!” to sit and hold the baby, and Clara does the same, although in more understandable sentences.

All in all, we love her and she is so precious and we are enjoying very much getting to know her little personality as it starts to be revealed.


About Amy

Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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4 Responses to Tessa’s First Month

  1. Oh my goodness, she is adorable!!


    • Alice says:

      She is so precious, Amy. I loved reading about how she is doing. Sounds like Clara and Hugh are loving being big sister and brother. 🙂 Love, Alice


  2. Hannah says:

    Gosh dang, she is so cute! giving me major baby fever over here. 🙂


  3. Sheila Salisbury Galvan says:

    Amy she is beautiful like Clara & Hugh. Can’t wait to meet her in person, xoxo Aunt Sheila


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