Story Time with Amy


I am using this blog to write down some of the stories that make up our life.

These are some that you may be interested in,

 A Love story ❤ How we Met

I sent a few invitations and did a bit of follow up, and it worked out that one of the “hilarious brothers” would be able to join us. My boss was ecstatic, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

How I said Yes to the Dress

During our 7 month engagement I had ideas that I would like a simple wedding dress. I had no intention of spending more than a few hundred dollars and even that seemed like an insane amount for a dress. But…

The birth of our first born

Brian was beside me, having taken enough pain killers to subdue his terrible back pain, trying to time contractions but I was not cooperating. I think we were frustrating each other greatly.  I couldn’t tell when one contraction stopped and another began

Hugh’s quick and shocking birth

It so happened that Emma (my sister) and I found out we were pregnant right about the same time, and had due dates just a few weeks a part! We both had our prenatal care with the same team of midwives, and both hoped for home births, and they had a good little laugh when they finally figured out that we both lived at the same address.

Tessa’s birth story

We called my parents and they came around 7 am and picked up Clara and Hugh, and they asked when the midwives were coming and I had to admit we hadn’t even called them yet. Better get on that…


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