7QT ~ Costumed Children, and Way To Soon Postpartum Zoo trips, and Other Such Marvels

Joining Kelly and many others who are grateful for 7 Quick Takes to sum up the week with!  

1 Halloween on a Saturday?

Might be the best of a worst. I am not really a Halloween fan, but I was glad Brian was home all day to help make it at least not so fight-full and frightful… in the morning we went to Michael’s to get the supplies to start painting saints for a peg doll exchange I am finally participating in. Postage be damned! These always look so adorable so I finally jumped in and I am enjoying it, but it is time consuming! Different from sewing which is good, and and I will surely do more (just local ones, because the shipping charges are in fact ridiculous). They were giving out candy at Michael’s, which is I think the only reason we survived the trip and long check out line up. But I am so excited to see the creativity of the other participants and have 30 little Saint Peg Dolls to play with! 

2015-11-02 21.37.52

Padre Pio’s in the works


2 Trick or Treating

We went with friends last year, (as Duck Dynasty!) IMG_6764
and a 3 year old never forgets, so since we had nothing better to offer, I made simple plans to go again, this time to the tiny little shopping center in our neighborhood which was having a hour of trick or treating in the afternoon. Indoors, warm, small, has a coffee shop. sounded good.  First we had to decide on costumes (they are still little and change opinions day to day, so I try to keep a fun dress up box and let them pick from there last minute) 

Monster and Dragon?

2015-10-22 15.48.25

Fireman and monkey?

2015-10-27 10.40.11


2015-10-17 19.47.13

But we went with Prince and Princess

With a small side of Orange and black pokadot leggings.

2015-10-31 15.39.39

2015-10-31 16.10.06

It was fun, but not enough for them so we ended up having dinner with my parents (3 kids 3 and under at a mexican any restaurant = so very little fun for anyone. Lots of sitting it out in the car) And then back home to recover and remember that “THE HOUSES!!!!!” were also giving out candy, so out we went for some more. They walked quite a good distance, and it was nice to meet some neighbors, and more candy for them me. So alright in my book.

2015-10-31 19.34.08 2015-10-31 19.33.53

Its so dark here, even early! but at least it was warm, and snow-less!

3 Sunday morning

(maybe these aren’t so quick after all)

Wake up, feed people, dress kids, re-dress one of them, nurse, shower, dress yourself, snow gear because its freezing out now?! and load them in the car and then turn the key and  – nothing… Sooo  UNfun especially on the Sunday morning that is the day light saving times weekend where you think you may get an extra hour of sleep (not for parents) but really just we got an extra hour of Netflix (The Good Wife!) and three toddlers woke up an hour earlier than usual annnnd have continued to do so. The car battery had died after leaving it on. (Clara needed to see her candy when we drove home from our afternoon trick or treating at the mall) great way to start a new week, and month. Anyway we survived and laughed and yay for AMA (AAA-esque thing)

2015-11-01 09.54.48

4 Monday

First trip out with just me and 3, got to the library that we love which has a great childrens section and play space on the second floor and…Broken elevator. unload stroller, carry people up stairs, suffer, anyway we made it. No pic because, did I mention it was the first trip out with just me and 3. We Survived. Now making plans to stay home all winter. 

5 Miracle that is Grandmothers

Is the only reason we made it to the zoo this week,  to see the baby giraffe that was born just days after Tessa was. It was lovely, but a lot of walking, and carrying. 

2015-11-05 12.27.23

In honor of my brother Tom, who was obsessed with Komodo Dragons his while childhood

2015-11-05 11.12.35

they were terrified of this squawking guinea fowl who was free to roam

up close and personal with a gorilla

2015-11-05 10.26.31

He has been waddling like a penguin ever since


6 Stretching the candy out! 

Have any Halloween candy left? Use it to fill  (refillable) advent calendars!2015-11-04 21.51.18

I got these st. Nicks of little cardboard boxes at IKEA a few years ago and have been saving them, and this idea came to me! hopefully it will ensure we don’t eat all the candy in a week, AND it’s stopped me from buying all the cute advent calendars out there!

7 Who’s blog am I missing?

I had another wordy thought to share, but I think it does deserve to be a post of its own, hopefully coming soon, we will see.

So instead I leave with this; what other blogs am I missing out on? I feel like there must be some awesome that I am lacking. I am always WAY behind, so who is the up and coming blogger these days that you think everyone is already following (because I promise I am not)  And who else besides Theresa and Hannah do I need to be following on Snapchat? Because I am all about that… especially for the unworthy of IG but still need to share moments…  I’m there as amysalisb, wildly creative as always 😉

Proofreading this post and looking back at this week I have one thought – This week was nuts. I hope this weekend is restful, for me and YOU! Thanks for reading a long!


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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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