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January in a Coconut Shell 

[A short quick update that isnt actually super short? Or is it? I can’t tell from this silly phone!] I really want to write more but the desktop computer we bought turned out to be a total dud and I … Continue reading

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Saint Peg Doll Swaps, In Person

I recently organized some swaps of local women to paint and exchange wooden dolls painted as saints. I had participated before in a swap via¬†mail, some of the ladies who were close together met and exchanged in person, but most … Continue reading

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Projects, Crafts, Quilts, and Easter Baskets

So I have taken on a billion projects, as usual it seems. But So many were finished in the past weekend (or considerable progress at least!) and I am feeling great about Easter coming up and the possibility of starting … Continue reading

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Wednesday of #WeekInMyLife15

If you are just joining, Welcome! I am linking up with Kathryn this week and documenting a little more of the ordinary of each day! So far I have posted 3 days in a row – a miracle! Here is … Continue reading

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How I Said Yes to the Dress… A Wedding Dress Story

I have found my 35week pregnant self caught up in a project that once again, is way above my paygrade. Somehow I let my talented seamstress aunt Terri talk me into taking on a project that I had previously only … Continue reading

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Anne and Daniel Tie the Knot (thousands of circles later)

My beautiful sister Anne married her husband Daniel this May. They are the cutest and have been dating since he showed up on her 18th birthday – she wasn’t allowed to date before 18 – and he had had his … Continue reading

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Reasons why I don’t post frequently

I started this list awhile ago, and now with little time I just wanted to quickly publish something to let ya’ll know I am still alive, so this seems fitting. Am I the only one who finds the strangest things … Continue reading

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