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Before Baby 4 Comes

I want to try to record a little of what life is like right now, before it majorly changes with the new little ones arrival. I am 38 weeks pregnant today, so theoretically it could be “any day” but that … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes – Kid Stations, Visiting Cousins, Easter Plans

I just typed “Kelly” into google and was confused why it didn’t take me immediately directly to This Aint The Lyceum blog. Apparently predictive typing hasn’t gotten THAT good yet. Anyway, Linking up with Kelly and all the others sharing … Continue reading

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Hugh’s Birth Story {another story time with amy installment}

I am on a roll! Hoping to get all three birth stories up here, Clara’s is posted, click here to read. And linking up with Theresa because I am posting just barely in time! Warning this one is a little … Continue reading

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Story Time with Amy – The First Birth

I did not write this until now, three years later, and my memory is very very faded, but I wanted to try to record as much as I can remember. I may come back some day and improve the story … Continue reading

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Thursday of #WeekInMyLife15

And we are still going strong! Linking up with Kathryn (and posting every day – so far!) for a week of diary like posts about our ordinary little life! Here is Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday if you want to … Continue reading

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Tessa’s Baptism (and the GOWN!)

Our beautiful daughter was baptized this past weekend! (Actually the week before… took me longer to get this posted than I was hoping We planned her baptism to be after the morning Mass on Saturday, normally our parish has baptisms … Continue reading

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Hugh’s 1st Birthday

One year ago Brian and I interrupted the suspenseful, sort of good but sort of awful British crime drama movie (I cant even remember the name) we were watching to go upstairs and have a baby… Well it wasn’t exactly … Continue reading

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Advent Wreath meets the Advent Calendar!

While working on this Jesse Tree project, I have spent a lot of time at Michaels and Fabricland lately, and one thing that really jumped out to me from the clearance baskets and Michaels one time I was there, were … Continue reading

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Quick 5 Month update on HJ, before he hits 6 months!

Here I go again, terribly late… but the pictures are from the proper date, which is sorta kinda close to the 4th of July (June 29th) so I dressed him all up in some stars and stripes! So he is … Continue reading

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