Before Baby 4 Comes

I want to try to record a little of what life is like right now, before it majorly changes with the new little ones arrival. I am 38 weeks pregnant today, so theoretically it could be “any day” but that also means it could be pretty much a month (of eternal days) from now, so I am trying to get through one day at a time.

It has been one of the hottest summers ever (4th hottest July in recorded history I think I saw) for this area, which hasn’t made it much easier to be giant pregnant, no AC, and hauling 3 little ones with me and belly everywhere we go. So we have stayed around home and the lake for much of the past month.

2017-07-02 14.54.37-1

2017-07-02 14.53.43

The kids don’t seem to mind but it is a little hard on me. Being home all day for days on a row is a bit disheartening for my extroverted needs. But I have truly felt at my limit, physically, trying to manage them all without being able to bend over, pick people up, carry them etc., so close to home or places we know really well is where we have stayed and I have tried to just accept it as reality for a little while more. I am curious to see if taking all 4 (!!) of them out gets easier or more difficult, I am hoping I can manage it but also realize it will probably take a long while before that feat is successful.

We did find a new vehicle and retire the old commuter mobile. The kids were very sad that dad had to give up his “fancy red race car” although I think Brian doesn’t mind at all being upgraded.

2017-07-19 10.22.122017-07-06 19.18.07


But now we can all fit comfortably and even bring things! and other people! with us when we go somewhere, so #spoiled. And why did we wait so long? I will never know. The odyssey designers sure know where its at.

We celebrated Clara’s 5th Birthday with 5 of her sweet little friends in the middle of July.

2017-07-16 18.56.21-1  2017-07-15 13.58.322017-07-15 12.07.58 HDR

And then she got ahold of one of our phones and took pictures of all her new presents and a few selfies and it just cracks me up so much when I find these little surprises in our photo galleries.

2017-07-15 10.20.33 HDR

The four pregnant sisters are all hanging in there so far. I am the one with the earliest due date – and then by January the number of cousins will be doubled from 4 to 8! It will be babyville like crazy at our next few family gatherings which should be fun? for bystanders at least 😉

 2017-07-12 16.06.06 HDR

We definitely should have planned better (not that it was planned at all) and staggered out these babes a few months apart so we could actually be helpful to each other – and being able to share and swap newborn things instead of needing 3 or 4 of everything woulda been handy – so now you know for your own planning purposes. So far there’s one baby girl and 3 baby mysteries in those tummies, so we will see how it all shakes out! But I miss having my sisters be able to come by and help me out and I would love if I could be helpful to them during this time… so the cute pictures of nearly triplet cousins at the end of the month better be major worth it!

2017-07-12 15.29.06-1

We had a fun “Circus Train” adventure in July –  the kids even got to sleep at the campground with their gramma and grampa and brave aunties – I was not feeling up to any camping this summer, although I usually do like it. But Brian, Tessa and I went out for the day and rode the train and got to see the balloon artists (look at the Ninja Turtle balloon this guy came up with! Impressive) and face painters and train “robbers” and all the other adventure which was lots of fun. 2017-07-12 14.31.132017-07-12 13.48.502017-07-12 14.29.19

More memories from the days at the Lake. We are super lucky to have a lake in our neighborhood (this a very dry – lakeless area, so it is totally man made but it’s still beautiful and very clean and well kept!) so we just show up for the morning and then come home for naps – surprisingly easy once I finally figured out how to pack and bring just the bare essentials. I used to lug SO much there that the prep and clean up felt barely worth it, but now I have a little system of grabbing 3 towels, 3 outfits, 3 swimsuits, a bottle of sunscreen, a bottle of water and a sorry excuse for a “lunch” and it doesn’t seem like too much work at all and basically I arrive home with a load of laundry and a bunch of sandy tired kids and we all enjoy it!

And – throwback to the 4th of July

2017-07-04 08.38.14

And one other free family activity that I (hah. Brian does it all) can manage are these casual concerts in the park one evening a week. This picture of Clara – always dressed up – tossing her stick unicorn so she can go dance in front of the stage just cracks me up. The weird smogginess is from forest fire smoke that’s been blowing over the city. That night was REALLY strange – the sun was totally blotted out and very eerie.

Anyway, we are pretty much ready for baby to arrive. Psychologically maybe not but I am hoping that surprises me by showing up when it is needed, but practically we have got everything ready that we can and now we wait.

2017-07-25 11.19.522017-07-25 11.21.01


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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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4 Responses to Before Baby 4 Comes

  1. Hannah Gokie says:

    38 weeks already!!! I’ve missed your blogging. 🙂 Looks like you guys have had a great summer, though. I’m thinking next summer we need to get to the free concerts around here in the summer, but most of them start so late that this year it didn’t work! (and I miss the ones in Lincoln I’m familiar with which start at 6 p.m.). Can’t wait to meet baby he or she!!!


  2. Hannah S. says:

    No AC? Ahhh! That is tough while pregnant.
    I hope to join your minivan ranks soon! Buckling car seats and children into a small commuter vehicle while staying patient and in the heat is what I believe purgatory consists of for parents…

    I totally didn’t feel psychologically ready to have Joan! I was ready but had a hard time processing and feeling ready mentally for birth! Maybe that’s just how it is after the first…


  3. Amy says:

    Yeah, AC is really not a standard feature up here because it’s pretty rare for it to be this hot.
    I hope you do get a van soon we waited way too long for no good reason!


  4. Everything looks like so much fun! My boys would LOVE that ninja turtle balloon, lol. I’m glad you took advantage of the summer before baby arrived and CONGRATS! (Good thing you got some blogging in riiiiight before, eh??)


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