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Joan Moira’s Birth Story

Joan’s Birth Story I love writing up my babies birth stories as soon after as possible – before all the details get fuzzy and my mom memory kicks in (aka blocks out all the details!) Disclaimer: it’s a birth story … Continue reading

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The Third Birth {another story time with amy installment}

The bulk of this birth story was written a day or two after birth. Only re-read and (somewhat?) edited now. This is the third of my birth stories, read Clara and Hugh’s here! Warning, it is a birth story. TMI … Continue reading

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Hugh’s Birth Story {another story time with amy installment}

I am on a roll! Hoping to get all three birth stories up here, Clara’s is posted, click here to read. And linking up with Theresa because I am posting just barely in time! Warning this one is a little … Continue reading

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Story Time with Amy – The First Birth

I did not write this until now, three years later, and my memory is very very faded, but I wanted to try to record as much as I can remember. I may come back some day and improve the story … Continue reading

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Baby Name Ideas – Home birth – Other such wonders

Kate at Sancta Nomina (Think a Catholic version of nameberry) was kind enough to give me a baby name consultation a few months back when we were in the thick of indecision about what this little one’s name is going … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Poker, Encyclicals, Good Wife and Weddings

I really wanted to write and publish a blog post tonight, but haven’t the mental energy or inspiration for one whole coherent piece. Isn’t that why Quick Takes were invented? Continue reading

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Easy ways to be a little (more?) crunchy

Long time draft post, coming out to see the light of day! If you have ambitions, like I do, of being good to God by being good to creation, and saving some money and being responsible you gotta make it … Continue reading

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5 more Whole30 Favourite Recipies

I wanted to share a few more recipies that were big faves during the Whole30 that we just completed, and will probably join the rotation of meals we go back to because even when your not in the middle of … Continue reading

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How did Whole30 go?

We finished our experience with the Whole30 a little over a week ago, and in the interested of full disclosure to the internet, we only go to day 26 before we started gradually lightening the rules and working our way … Continue reading

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a whole lot a whole food

Hello! Our household decided to try doing a Whole30, and I promised some people that I would try to write about what we have been learning and how it has been going. The Whole30 program, as described on their website, is … Continue reading

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