Friday of #WeekInMyLife15

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I am on a roll!! Blogged every day since Sunday, so far I have recapped what Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Salisbury house is like. So many options to click if you are really really interested in what a week of our life looks like. You’re Welcome.

Today started a little earlier than usual. I was dreaming about something with a loud beeping sound when I realized it was Brian’s alarm clock, and 6:30am, and he wasn’t in the room to turn it off because he was trying to convince Hugh to stay in bed/go back to sleep. Anyway by the time Brian was dressed to go to work all of us, including all three kids were awake and ready to take on the day. Awake.

2015-11-20 08.05.14 - Copy

peaceful colouring scene

2015-11-20 08.19.27 - Copy

leave the room to put something in the car and come back to this

Brian made breakfast, sausage and french toast, then we realized “Oops it’t Friday!!” (We usually try to not eat meat on Friday as a sacrifice, but on days like today when we forget, there is always other things to choose as a sacrifice.) Anyway We enjoyed it a lot. Since the morning started so early, we had lots of time for colouring (Aurdey Eccelctic printable Advent calendars that I was saving but they found somewhere) before I had to dress them and load things in the car, and load them in the car and head out to visit another friend who lives a little way out of town. This friend is also expecting, her 4th little one, seriously, so many people I know are pregnant (or just had their babies yesterday – Congratulations Jessica and Britt!) I have a little list of expecting mamas and their babies to pray for, and its usually had about 25 women on it, right now I think there are 40! And I also have a list of women very close to my heart who would love to be pregnant right now but are struggling to conceive and carry a baby, so many prayers for all of them as well.

2015-11-20 08.19.49 - Copy

I find it so calming to get out of the city every once in awhile. And we live in a beautiful area! Beautiful prairies to the East, and incredible mountains to the West. So being surrounded for a few hours by nothing but this:

2015-11-20 10.01.06 - Copy

Fields and Sky

Was wonderful. Also seeing this growing gaggle of children get the chance to play together. Lovely morning.

2015-11-20 11.12.59 - Copy 2015-11-20 11.06.48 - Copy

2015-11-20 11.06.58 - Copy

She wasn’t in any pictures from yesterdays post – so I took some extras today

2015-11-20 15.03.34 - Copy

Still bouncing baby with my foot. Multitasking always

Then back in the car for the hour drive home. The kids did really well and enjoyed some naps on the way home. This would be Tessa’s longest car trip and she did really well, though I am glad I adjusted her car seat a little to make it more comfortable (and to move her face to a spot out of reach of toddler fingers) and I think that helped a little.

2015-11-20 15.04.57 - Copy

Cute son

When we got home there was some cranky time. Hugh didn’t get as much sleep and he needs to get through the afternoon happily. And Hangry. It’s a real problem around here, and they (especially Hugh) have been resisting food! Why??? It would make you so happy! So there was an extra long cuddle session, which I don’t mind. Becoming few and far between even though hes a very snugly kid, and still nurses occasionally.

2015-11-20 22.13.18One thing I did with him was watch this cool Periscope broadcast of a man sharing a live brodcast of himself snorkling and he was brodcasting live from UNDERWATER! It was pretty cool, and Hugh (big fish fan) enjoyed it. Periscope is pretty cool, and if you haven’t tried it (and are itching for some new social media app to waste some time on) check it out. There is a growing community of catholic moms on there too who are building a little community and it is like hanging out with some buds and chatting live, right from the comfort of your own home. I am turning out to be a big fan.


2015-11-20 15.53.21 - Copy

Cutie daughters

After that, right when I should have been starting dinner, I dressed us all up in the layers required and went outside for some playtime, because it was relatively nice (-5 C) and it was the first time I brought Tessa outside with us too. She loved it, just like you would imagine a 7 week old would.

2015-11-20 16.12.21

But the big kids were so happy she (or maybe just I) was out there with them to chase them and make Clara’s game of “Two Crocodiles And A Baby Bird Chase A Family Of Tigers” a little more exciting.

Lean on me

Lean on me

It was fun, and then after we came in and shed the wet layers, dad came home!

And he brought an old laptop they don’t use anymore at work for me to use for my blogging and stuff! Yay. There are some perks for working in family business. Yipee… maybe I will keep up this more regular posting.. no promises, but I am enjoying it!

2015-11-20 16.19.57

Her adorable hat hair. She clearly is meant to be a Canadian!

We threw together leftovers and Brian’s specialty Grilled Cheese sandwiches, because Friday. I recently learned that my grandmother (who raised 12 kids) used to serve them popcorn and chocolate milk for dinner on Fridays because… Moms need a night off. I think I might take up this as you know, an important part of our family heritage.

Then I was ready for it to be bedtime already, and it was… 6 something. So we had a ways to go, so – MOVIE NIGHT! Unfortunately Thomas the Tank Engine movies are no nearly long enough, so it still wasn’t 7 when Percy’s Quest for Maximum Usefulness was over. So any more ideas Amy? Um…. more colouring? lots of books? Ok just embrace it… bedtime already!

2015-11-20 17.42.40

Somewhere between dinner and PJ’s a game of “camouflage” took place

2015-11-20 18.06.25

Movie night

2015-11-20 19.36.17

Story Time

2015-11-20 19.37.19

Bonus Baby Picture!

About the above picture of Tessa – shes laying on a (big – queen size) blanket that I think I was given when I was born or really young (from the same grandma who raised 12 kids) and I really loved it and had it with me through all my missionary days and had in on my bed through college and all my life long basically.

I have been enjoying this little blogging challenge, I hope its not too boring for anyone out there trying to follow along. I am glad for the motivation to do some memory exercise and try to take note of and remember the sweet fleeting moments that pass each normal, simple, regular day. I also I still trying to find a balance with my phone. I hate the feeling that maybe I am giving my kids the impression something I am looking at or reading on my phone is more important than them, so for awhile I tried to never have it with me while kids were around. Then I felt like I was missing moments I really wanted to remember, even with just a blurry photo. Now I am starting to find I can remember many details, just because I try to, even with no photo. But getting photos of special ordinary moments is worth it too, and like all things, moderation and self control are the answer! Not all or nothing.

Thanks for following a long. We have no wild plans for the weekend, but maybe some spontaneous adventure will come up, or maybe the adventure will just be more ordinary. Stay tuned! Or if you can’t wait – look for me on Instagram and snapchat (amysalisb)



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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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8 Responses to Friday of #WeekInMyLife15

  1. Popcorn and chocolate…haha I love it! I have pretty low expectations for what counts as a meal these days (especially if Logan is working the evening shift) and it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one. 😉


  2. Hannah S. says:

    I loved following your week, Amy! I really need to make a point to open my laptop more so that I can comment (phone commenting is ridiculously hard… I’m not even sure a rocket scientist could do it).
    That is a LOT of expectant mamas! But what a great ministry to be able to pray for them all.
    The picture of Tessa in the snow makes me laugh EVERY time I see it. It’s pretty hilarious. For the first two months of Eliot’s life, whenever he cried, I felt like crying too because the sound was so heartbreaking, but the day I happened to snap a picture of it, I look at the picture and laugh so hard because I don’t have to hear the heartbreaking crying but the expression of crying infants is really quite amusing. I hope that doesn’t make me a terrible mother…
    We do bean and cheese burritos most Fridays. We started that mid pregnancy and I find that the reason for that is twofold. Meatless Fridays + Break from slaving over a meal! It’s nice to know that no matter what, there’s no big expectation for a fancy meal on Fridays.


    • Amy says:

      So true about babies faces, the sound is the heartbreaking part. You are not a bad mother at all! And yes comments on phones is horrific! Thank you X1000000 for doing it anyway, means the world to me !!


      • Hannah S. says:

        I think blog comments need to make a comeback. So much of the internet is about “likes” or a quick “read through” and while we are busy creatures, as mothers, I know that it ALWAYS makes my day so much better when I get a comment. It means a lot because somebody cared enough to make the interactions more personal. I’ve decided to spend a little time on the weekends commenting on all the blogs I read during the week and WANTED to comment on, but got rushed into changing a diaper about to blowout, or something of that nature. Haha! I loved your “coffee date post” too because it was of that personal connection. I think that’s how blogging should be (with the exception of big time bloggers). I think we (the little bloggers) should realize that we are approachable for good conversation! I know I want my blog to be like that, but I think sometimes my blog comes off a little too formal or too Catholic. The reason is probably because my blog is the only outlet that I have in my life where I can openly be Catholic without offending… None of mine or my husband’s families are Catholic and most of our friends aren’t either… So my blog is an outlet of celebration of our Catholicism and the culture around it! Wow, there are so many rabbit trails in this comment and it’s getting ridiculously long… Clearly I feel very strongly about blogs. Lol


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