It must run in the family: Twin Cousins

I mentioned that my sister and I gave birth to our boys just a week apart. What I don’t think I have discussed on here is that this babies-as-almost-twins thing happening was not a new thing in our family. Not at all.


thats me on the right

Way back when wrist watches were cool for tweens

this time I’m on the left, way back when wrist watches were cool for tweens

My cousin and I, pictured here, were born 3 hours apart, (she’s the “older twin” and I tried not to let her forget it) we always had a very close friendship growing up (and still do!) although almost all our lives we have lived in different cities. For the most part just a few hours separated us, but for awhile her family lived “across the pond”, but still we would send tapes with messages recorded for each other to listen to (to young to write, and this is before Skype, and affordable long distance apparently). Now just a three hour drive is all it takes for our families to spend the weekend together, and we try to do it a few times a year.


When I got pregnant with Clara, I wanted to call and let my cousin know I was expecting (she already had a little boy) I remember playing a few rounds of phone tag before we got a hold of each other, and when I answered it turned out she was calling to let me know she was expecting too!

Clara and her cousin (really a second cousin I suppose)

Clara and her cousin (really a second cousin I suppose)

Both of us wanted to be surprised by the gender of our babies, so we were thrilled when two little girls were born just 3 days apart!  Now we had even more reason to make sure we got our families together often so these little girlies could grow up as best-friend-cousins like we had! Writing letter back and forth (in code, more often than not, or in a “language” that we made up in the forts we built) we even tied our limbs together with shoelaces on the weekends we got to spend together to upgrade our “twinship” to the siamese level.


My sister and I with our babies,
including Clara, the picture invader
edited to add: not a doll. that’s her real baby

twin cousins

watching sweaters and caps courtesy of my very talented mother in law

So when, last spring, my little sister and I finally pinned down due dates (via ultrasounds because why don’t doctors believe you when you tell them you know your dates) and learned our babies were due just 3 weeks apart, it was a huge thrill to everyone!

Again, we both wanted to find out at birth whether it was sons or daughters we were having, and I secretly (or not so secretly?) wanted them to “match” so when her little boy was born, and then a week later, my little boy, I had a pretty big smile. I was SURE, absolutely CONVINCED, I would be over due, since I was last time and don’t most pregnancies go overdue? Somehow I “knew” this. So I was really pleasantly shocked when the boys ended up being so close in age.

mine is the screamer

mine is the screamer

I hope these two little fella’s grow up with a strong friendship just like my cousin and I did, and my daughter and her “twin” are. And I think they probably will. We are very close to this sister and her husband, (very close… figuratively and literally, as in, we share a house with them… more on this later!) and so they will have plenty of chances (in the near future at least!) to grow up together.

And I have to throw this one in because…


handsome husband and adorable son, how can I resist! 


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One Response to It must run in the family: Twin Cousins

  1. Lauren says:

    Twin cousins – I love it! That is totally the cutest thing ever! Congrats.


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