Saturday of #WeekInMyLife15

Team Whitaker WIML_saturday

2015-11-21 08.23.49

Silverdollar pancakes for breakfast

Saturday! Good old fashioned Saturday. We had a good one.  This will be the abbreviated – picture filled recap.

I made breakfast today, tried to let Brian sleep in a little and keep the kids from jumping on him til he came to play with them.

2015-11-21 08.16.52

Here they are, annoyed with my camera flash, taking care of the baby while I make them pancakes.

2015-11-21 10.17.15 2015-11-21 10.33.51 2015-11-21 10.45.27

After breakfast and getting dressed we really wanted to get out of the house. We stopped at Tim Hortons – (Canada’s dunkin donuts) and had a donut and coffee because my dad was having a meeting at their house and we didn’t want to totally sabotage his meeting by showing up. But we quickly did anyway and got to introduce the kids to Fr. Daniel and Fr. John

2015-11-21 11.45.20

“Fr, please bless my mermaid” (made up quote she never really  said)

2015-11-21 12.10.59Dad has been working with his parish and with some other groups in the city and, lets be honest, there is frequently priests and seminarians around my parents house, NBD, it’s awesome.

2015-11-21 12.07.56

Snapchat-8733825810144341455My parents had been away visiting moms father in California, and boy did we miss them!  And HOLY, were they ever nice to us today! My super mom convinced me (and she was right) that Tessa would be fine for a few hours even without me in her immediate vicinity. So I nursed her til her tummy was probably about to explode and then ran out intending to run and run errands and run right back again, but we ended up pretty much getting all our St. Nicholas day and Christmas shopping done (WOW! Before Advent?? What, that was totally by accident)  But that’s done so YAY.

The kids had a great time I am sure and we came back as soon as our shopping was done, and I nursed Tessa some more (shes never had a bottle yet and we don’t even have a soother for her to try, and she was fine of course)

But the the even better part, after visiting and talking for awhile, Mom offered to babysit them, again, in the same day, so we could go to dinner together!

2015-11-21 17.18.10

Poppop and Huey

2015-11-21 12.43.16

Mom and her favourite grand daughters

2015-11-21 18.08.50They are really awesome. So is my youngest sister Meagan who is also a pro babysitter and helped mom out this evening and had Tessa peacefully sleeping when we got back to pick them up.

Live around your extended family, if ever you can. It’s so worth it.

It was really a nice Saturday, which I sometimes have a hard time with (weekends in general) because I am still finding a happy place between resting at home and doing wild adventurous things on the weekend. But today was great. Got some things done, had wonderful quality time with Brian, had some excellent visiting time with my mom and dad (I think I have almost convinced Mom to do the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training – she would be excellent at it!)

2015-11-21 18.49.09 2015-11-21 18.48.45

I am glad we got the chance to a quick, in and out, speed date at the best Mexican restaurant in town. Very Authentic. It is the same place we (sort of) went to on Haloween, except that time we took turns spending time with screaming kids in the car and I got the honor of changing (Tessa’s first) diaper blow out on a freezer in the back of the restraunt. Anyway this time was much better. We had some wonderful quality conversation and made some decisions about how we are going to spend Advent and Christmas as a family. That may be a post of its own coming up.

Thanks for following along! This is day 6 of the blog challenge #WeekInMyLife15, Kathryn’s brain child and wonderful idea. So click over to her if you want to see even more peoples weeks, or search that hashtag on Instagram. But if you just want to read more of mine, I managed to post about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and today. Wahoo!



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