Wednesday of #WeekInMyLife15

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If you are just joining, Welcome! I am linking up with Kathryn this week and documenting a little more of the ordinary of each day! So far I have posted 3 days in a row – a miracle! Here is Monday and Tuesday if you are just dying for more!

This morning we woke up to this:

20151118_075450 20151118_081845

Truly, the man is spoiling me!

But then I looked out the window and realized he probably just knew I would need all the help I can get


Always fun to take a bunch of kids out in weather like that. Also it had started by raining, so the roads were a real layer of frozen rain topped with snow. Probably would be considered hazardous in most places, but kind of not to out of the ordinary for here for 6-8 months a year so on we go.

I had organized doing a craft at our parish mothers group last year, and although this year we did nothing as ambitious as the Holy Water fonts we made last year, the ladies enjoyed the little project and so this year we made Christmas tree ornaments (because my elaborate Advent wreath ideas were unfeasible – tear!) But that meant I had to load up the kids, the snow coats and hats and mitts, AND a make sure I had all the needed crafting supplies, AND get there early to set up… so, we did well.


2015-11-18 21I think everyone enjoyed it. It was a small group because of the weather and its the season of sickness, but still. The best part is two hours with babysitting and the possibility of real conversation. Today it centered on how some moms are craft moms and others are really not, and I kinda shed an internal tear for kids who don’t get to paint and glue and glitter very often – come over to our house! #TheMoreMessTheMerrier

2015-11-18 14.17.02


Lots of help in the form of dots – but this may be the first time shes “written” her name – Go Clara!

Lunch was not picture worthy.  And naptime seems to be going much better today, Clara and I are having some quiet time after she did some preschoolish activities of her own, and I am able to get this far in the blog writing process!

2015-11-18 21.07.28

After that, we had a quiet afternoon. Tessa and Hugh both slept from 1:30 to 3:30 and even later for Hugh, til nearly when Brian got home.

During that time I got to read some of my ‘blog friends’ latest posts, pray for those who are sharing some of their struggles and difficulties right now, and encourage and be encouraged by the wonderful people who share little bits of their lives online.

I also saw this gorgeous post from my friend (in real life – we were missionaries together) who now paints and sells some of her work and I then begged her to paint me a copy for Hugh’s room because he LOVES whales!

It was a pretty calm afternoon, and I was grateful for some time sitting down honestly, it seems like days with that opportunity have been few and far between lately.

Brian came home and it was a rambunctious moment of “ShowDaddyAllTheThingsWeDid!!!!” for a little while before I got started making omelettes for dinner.

2015-11-18 16.56.33 2015-11-18 16.57.07

And then after dinner my youngest sister, Meagan, stopped by. Shes the only one of my 7 siblings who lives in the same city as us anymore, and the kids are big fans of Aunty May-may and love whenever they get to see her, so it made the time between dinner and bedtime fly by.

2015-11-18 18.53.532015-11-18 18.55.42

The evening had a long drawn out bedtime as we still adjust to having a 3 year old and almost 2 year old in the same room, and I supervised while folding laundry… so I end the day on a recognizable scene:

2015-11-18 20.32.13

Baby drifting in and out of sleep, laundry being folded, Mom watching periscope (Nicole’s weekday wine down has been a great and fun distraction from laundry in the evening!) if you haven’t checked out periscope, I have been really enjoying it and the little community growing there.

I thank you again for following along. Be sure to check out Kathryn’s blog and all the others participating if you are really really interested in what other peoples week’s look like.

See you again tomorrow!



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5 Responses to Wednesday of #WeekInMyLife15

  1. brianhexhut says:

    I love reading these. They make me feel like I’m with you guys all day. I love you honey! Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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