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My House Painting Saga

¬†Our house painting its finished! my sister asked for pictures and I may one day wanna remember what it was like when it was all fresh and new so I took way too many and plan to share them all. … Continue reading

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Goals for 2015

I love reading other peoples goals and they have slowly been inspiring me to put down on paper some of my own. That and I have been working through Olivia’s ebook about setting goals, (You can still get it for … Continue reading

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Easy ways to be a little (more?) crunchy

Long time draft post, coming out to see the light of day! If you have ambitions, like I do, of being good to God by being good to creation, and saving some money and being responsible you gotta make it … Continue reading

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a whole lot a whole food

Hello! Our household decided to try doing a Whole30, and I promised some people that I would try to write about what we have been learning and how it has been going. The Whole30 program, as described on their¬†website, is … Continue reading

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Today’s a Great Day to Change your Life

EDITED: This post was written awhile ago, but I decided to post today, in Holy Week. No, it’s not New Years, or my birthday, or some other great milestone, it’s just today, the only day I have right now, so … Continue reading

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