My House Painting Saga

 Our house painting its finished!

my sister asked for pictures and I may one day wanna remember what it was like when it was all fresh and new so I took way too many and plan to share them all. So consider it a bit of a house tour?

No we did not do it ourselves. If so it would not be finished, let alone in two weeks. Professional painters are awesome. It looks so good and there are no drips on the carpets or smudges on the ceilings and light fixtures. But that whole ‘be out of your house from 730 am to 6 pm every day’ was harder than I imagined. But in order to keep the 30 little fingers I am responsible for (my to mentions toes and tongues and noses and my own digits!) out of the wet paint, it was worth it, but hard.

For the record (because I always complain that I would be happier if I were going somewhere doing something… remind me of this!) we went

  • to the library
  • to a movie at the cheap theater
  • to the zoo
  • to a friend’s acreage
  • to the pool
  • to mothers group
  • on Friday my dad and brother took the big kids to the planetology museum.

And that was the first week. And I couldn’t do it again so I sent Clara away to her aunties for the next week. So when I just had the two younger ones, we went

  • to ikea
  • to a doctor’s appointment and the hardware store
  • to a cousins house and a friends house
  • to moms group and grandma’s house
  • to my sister’s house an hour away
  • And on Friday my mom kindly took them and I packed our bags and we headed north to see my sister and my cousin for the weekend.

We. Are. All. So. Tired.

And sad Before pictures go well with that. And I like so many other badDIYbloggers didn’t take many pictures of rooms I wasn’t too happy with just for the sake of having before pictures, but these ones with cute babies in them seem to work just as well! And most people reading this are my family members and know this house in its former state all too well!

Fireplace Room:



Cute baby Tessa… and ugly beige panel wall


Front Room (we used it as a living room and now as a play room)2015-05-26-16-23-392015-02-02-20-23-332015-09-09-13-45-02

Hallways and Railings and such


lots of beige and white trim


railings that are half brown and half white. and the cutest little duck and chicken


odd railing colous



more taupe hallways and bicoloured railings

Dinning Room. More taupe. 2015-05-11-21-46-53

Bedrooms upstairs (the ones we haven’t painted since moving in) are all this colour.


Anyway, Lots and lots of brown and beige and taupe. Now the best part… the afters!

Look how pretty and Cheerful it looks!

Bedroom 1 (Benjamin Moore Caribbean Mist 2061-70) 2016-11-11-09-31-37 2016-11-11-09-31-27 2016-11-11-09-31-13 2016-11-23-11-37-37


Bedroom 2 (Benjamin Moore Peach Parfait 2175-70)



Hallways (Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17  – for walls Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace 2121-70 – for Trim, railings, wainscoting and panelled wall)

2016-11-25-12-55-07 2016-11-25-12-50-57

 Front Room (Benjamin Moore Caribbean Mist 2061-70)

2016-11-18-11-32-30 2016-11-18-11-32-03 2016-11-25-12-54-00

Staircase/ Entryway (Benjamin Moore Coral Spice 2170-40)


2016-11-23-21-11-12 2016-11-23-21-09-53

Dining Room (Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143)

2016-11-23-10-12-35 2016-11-25-12-53-01

Fireplace room (Benjamin Moore Sanctuary AF-620, White Dove 75% whitewash for bricks)


New carpet coming soon (tomorrow!) and working on a way to hide the cords, maybe a mantel?

2016-11-25-12-50-43 2016-11-25-12-50-33 2016-11-25-12-50-22 2016-11-25-12-49-50

And another hidden benefit, getting to reorganize all the cupboards and closets!


Anyway, that was a lot of pictures! Whoa…!

Now that you have seen all this, Emma, Christy, Tara, anyone else who read this far, don’t take this as a excuse to not come visit and see it in person!


About Amy

Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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3 Responses to My House Painting Saga

  1. Mary says:

    It looks incredible. I love your coLours.


  2. Jill Moroney says:

    Well the effort of leaving the house at 7.30am -6pm was worth it Amy all the rooms look lovely.
    I’ll be over to see it soon love grammaxxoo


  3. Emma says:

    Fabulous Amy! Thanks for posting the pictures and we can’t wait to see it in person. 🙂


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