How We’ll Wait ~ Keeping Advent, Advent

kaa-afswI noticed on the way to the mailbox yesterday, that a neighbor already has a beautiful Christmas tree in their window. Wow. I am still trying to pick up the sand toys from the back yard and get them put away before they are buried in snow, but it got me thinking about what our Advent and Christmas will look like this year.

I wrote a post last year about what worked, and what didn’t in our advent and Christmas celebrations, and now I am glad to get a chance to look ahead and make some plans for how we will celebrate Advent this year. Wow I am glad I re-read that post. Totally forgot about most of those things and now I have a chance to possibly pull one of them together! Thank you once again blog for being my memory when the one in my brain has forgotten to do its job.

So this year, here are somethings we will do, and some things we won’t do to keep  the season of Advent, as just that and save the Christmass-ing for Dec 24th and on.

Our Christmases through the years

Our Christmases through the years

We Will

Celebrate St. Nicholas day in some small way. Wake up to a small gift (christmas PJ’s?) in shoes by the fireplace. Chocolate gold coins? They always love that. Something like that.

Listen to Haley’s advent playlist and any other advent music I can find, some of the time.

Pray around the advent wreath each evening. As I have shared before, my family had such a beautiful tradition when I was growing up of having an “Advent Log” instead of a wreath, with candles for every day of the season. I haven’t convinced my dad to make me a log of our own yet, (nudge nudge) so for now we will gather each evening after dinner around a simple wreath, light the candle(s) for the week and say (or sing, the like it better singing) some very simple prayers and one decade of the rosary. This the Advent Log at my parents house in all it's glory


Have a peg doll nativity set! I have been spending time on painting ours, and organizing swaps so 60 other families can have a set too, so that will be my contribution for the “adding one new tradition each year”. I will try to keep baby Jesus out of the picture til Christmas morning and make a big deal about his arrival.

Have plans of special things to do on the 12 days of christmas (I love Bonnies simple and totally fun suggestions!) and also for the days while Nana and Papa are here to make sure we have lots to look forward to when we(I) have to turn down things I want to do now that aren’t as liturgically season appropriate.

Bring out all our kids Christmas and Advent books. A well as finding little ways to discuss advent and Christmas and what it means and why it’s important. I will find some coloring pages to print and crafts to do and hopefully we can work some simple acts of service and charity into our days. Little by little folks.

Try really hard to send (for the first time ever, we are terrible!) a card and picture to our two children we sponsor through Chalice.

Have Grandparents staying with us for Christmas! Which I am so excited for! The kids and of course my husband too (his parents live in Michigan and we don’t get to see them nearly enough) so they will be here and I know it will make everything more special and fun for all of us to be together!


We Won’t

Wait to buy eggnog. the past few years I have waited and been SO disappointed because when Dec 24th rolls around, you know what? They don’t even have it in the stores any more. So this year eggnog lattes are my advent treat.

Decorate and bring out all the Christmas things until the “Pink” Sunday to keep the atmosphere in the house more subdued during advent.

Participate in all the “Christmas festivals” before the feast really begins on the 24th. (This is always a big sacrifice for me, but If I have fun things to look forward to that I have been “saving” it should be ok).

Thanks for reading!


If you are curious about how other families are planning to keep Advent, Advent then check out the Sienna Sisters Blog Hop where many of us are sharing the different ways we live this beautiful season in our homes!


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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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8 Responses to How We’ll Wait ~ Keeping Advent, Advent

  1. Great ideas!! I never thought about waiting until “Pink Sunday” to decorate! We have a small, second faux tree that I think will become a Jesse Tree for my children, so maybe we will use that to satisfy my eagerness to decorate the day after Thanksgiving! And, what is *up* with eggnog not being available the day after Christmas??!! Don’t stores realize people like eggnog through New Year’s Day??!! That’s it – eggnog is coming home with me next time I hit up the grocery store (I’m the only one who drinks it in this house…)


  2. Hannah Gokie says:

    Oh man, now you’ve awakened in me a desire for an Advent log too…I’ve never seen one before! They look SO cool! (Let’s be honest, I’m in favor of anything that involves a ton of candles, haha.) I think we’re going to try and do something for St. Nicholas day this year too, since it’s baby’s due date and I have a feeling I’ll want some distraction at that point if they aren’t here yet!


  3. theyoungs07 says:

    Love your “we will” and “we won’t” lists! Many are the same as ours. I know we’ll struggle with wanting to listen to Christmas music ahead of time. My kids have missed out in years past not knowing them and enjoying the songs as they are played on the radio. Haven’t decided what we’ll do this year. But man, I’m so leaning towards listening to it during Advent because of all the other things we do for Advent and put off til Christmas – and also because it’s so stinkin’ cute hearing the 2 year old learn “jingle bells” and “deck the halls” and “away in a manger” for the first time!


  4. lesliesholly says:

    I love the Advent Log! That is just beautiful.


  5. Jill Moroney says:

    Amy your blog sounded really great are you sure you aren’t doing too much? I know you are very organized but you need a bit of rest in between events.
    I hope Paul gets a log ready for you as that is such a good advent thing for children. I know how you kids were when you were young.
    Love GG


  6. Love all of these ideas! And that Advent log! It’s gorgeous 🙂


  7. Beth Anne says:

    love the advent log idea!


  8. This has gotten me thinking about our plans too! So thank you 🙂


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