28/52 More Lake Pictures and some Quick Takes

1 A Little Effort on the Project52

While we were at the lake this morning I made a point of snapping a pic of each of the kids to share as part of my project52

2016-07-08 10.24.33-1Clara


2016-07-08 10.22.48Hugh


2016-07-08 10.37.15Tessa


Good times. Worth the tremendous effort of packing up swim suits and swim diapers and Sun screen and lunch and towels and life jackets and sand toys? Yes I do say it was. I hope we get there many more times in the weeks of Summer ahead.

2 family Life Conference 


We spent last weekend, a long weekend, at a Conference for Catholic Families. It’s a Conference that takes place in a field, so everyone camps and even though there are no amenities, we all sorta love it and keep going back. This year we forgot all our kids clothes and diapers so it was even more fun, #not, but we survived and Jesus was there so all in all a success. 2016-07-01 13.54.18


At some point she really needed a bath. And then pooped in it. 2016-07-01 13.20.48


This is me and my sister’s efforts to entertain the kids so we can listen to some of the talks. Good thing kids love gravel.

3 4th From Afar 

2016-07-04 20.17.30


Brian took the day after the camping trip off so that we had a chance to recover, but it was also the 4th of July so we celebrated a little with a morning at the wading pool, and then Chocolate Rice Krispy sandwiches and red white and blue dessert and friends over for a BBQ with American Beer. 2016-07-04 11.24.20

2016-07-04 12.06.26-2



My favourite Americans (right before the hail started coming down)

4 Obesessions lately

Facebook pushed a promoted ad post to me one day that was spot on. It was an interview with the author of this book, I loved the article and so grabbed the book at the library 2 days ago and I am almost done. I love memoirs and find North Korea facinating. So scary and bizarre, but fascinating. And the perspective of an atheist journalist undercover as a Christian missionary under cover as a English professor at a University in Pyongyang for the sons of North Korea’s elite is very unique.

5 Party Planning

I didn’t realize people actually followed me on Pinterest, I sporadically use it mostly for party ideas, and the other day my sister told me her Pinterest was spammed with Unicorn Party ideas because Claras party is coming up in less than 2 weeks, yay! Pin all the things!

6  More Pics

2016-07-08 10.42.27-1


This was their “pet” who they walked and fed and took care of all morning at the lake





They have had a few weddings this week, this one I caught on camera (one of the others was at 6 am with us all in bed) and it included even a reception dinner and wedding cake. Oh and they were “SuperPrince Huey” and “Princess Therese Lisieux”. Heart melt.

2016-07-06 12.24.52


One other (brief) moment with all 3 playing happily together. This is to colour my memories for the future people!!

7 Kid Art 


Claras drawings that look more and more recognizable just make my day. This was her family portrait, still in progress (she was working on Tessa) I just love it.

[edit: Resizing photos and this was lost]

Linking up with Kelly and the other Quick Takers because it’s Friday and that’s what ya do!


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3 Responses to 28/52 More Lake Pictures and some Quick Takes

  1. Christina says:

    I’ve heard that book is great, I need to grab it from the library! Looks like you guys have been keeping busy and having a fun summer!


  2. Hannah says:

    Clara is getting so good at drawing! And those rolls on Tessa are baby-fever inducing even for someone who is already pregnant…haha! 🙂


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