18/52 and some Random Weekend updates and Road Tripin Ranch Visit pics.

I am so so behind on the 52 project, but I am just going to keep plugging along until I get to 52. I realize it will probably be more like a year and a half at this point, but so what!

I snapped these yesterday and today

2016-05-30 10.27.47

Clara. 3 years.

This delightful girl requested pigtails with a zigzag part today.

2016-05-29 12.44.41-1

Hugh. 2 years.

Our wild climber at the tip top of the playset, just chilling out.

2016-05-29 12.44.50

(from a few steps back it looked like this)

2016-05-30 10.27.53

Tessa. 8 months.

And my smallest one, getting very skilled at feeding finger foods to herself with only a week worth of practice! (Shes eaten since 5 mos but I only started giving her foods to try to feed herself last weekend, and shes a pro!)


Random Updates

2016-05-30 12.51.18

We have not been getting very good sleep lately. Hugh’s soother sucking days came to an abrupt end, and with it went his (in bed) naps and apparently any other good sleep too. This morning he woke us all up before 6 am 😦 and then was like this by 10.

2016-05-29 12.18.41

We have been having weekends loaded with fun though! This was yesterday in the yard while our cousin Gabey was visiting. 2016-05-28 15.19.38

On Saturday I hosted my (last for awhile) saint peg doll swap, it was such fun meeting the ladies who painted a beautiful crop of saints, I have a dedicated post on the swaps in the works.

2016-05-27 19.30.13

Clara’s artwork took a giant leap forward and how she is churning out portraits of people far and wide that bear a wonderful resemblance to real people! I love it! This is Brian after she had him sit and pose while she draw him.  2016-05-27 19.27.59

Little roly poly chunk here is just such a dear! She rolls everywhere, whenever she in on the floor in a room I come back a a few moments later and have no idea where she has gotten to (almost always under a piece of furniture!)

2016-05-26 10.23.03

I went on a binge of appointment scheduling to get us all caught up and so the kids and I have seen the dentist and eye doctor and regular doctor all in the past few weeks. All good, no cavities or glasses or issues, so YAY.

2016-05-23 20.38.31
The weekend before last was our long weekend here, and Brian took 2 days off to make it an all out vacation. We road tripped north and visited friends, and stopped at my sisters on the way home.One of many road trip stops (someone was sleeping and someone else was inside getting ice cream with dad.2016-05-23 18.25.49

Hanging out with our friends and the gaggle of children that had to stay inside for the whole long weekend because it was pouring!

2016-05-22 11.23.51

We learned Hugh is a huge fan of worm collecting. 2016-05-22 11.41.03

Watching the cows get fed while being poured on. 2016-05-23 11.51.08

I am so glad I finally bought myself a raincoat and boots. Cant miss out on mud like this!

I have such such wonderful memories of visiting my friend Christy’s family ranch when I was a kid/teenager, and I am so glad she still is on her families ranch so we can still go there and the kids get to experience that. And I get to spend time chatting late into the night with scotch and cigars with my good friend once the kids are asleep!  Win Win Win2016-05-24 09.28.42

This was at my sisters home, where we stopped overnight to break up the drive home, and to see them because We love You Em!! I love when kids have their own table, it gives me such flashbacks to my own childhood, especially my grammas house, eating pancakes at our little table!

Anyway there’s a whirlwind tour of the highlights of the past two weeks!


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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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One Response to 18/52 and some Random Weekend updates and Road Tripin Ranch Visit pics.

  1. brianhexhut says:

    Wow Hun how did you find time to blog today. You’re impressive and this was a joy to read as always.


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