16/52 Quick Pics and Updates


Clara Grace
3 years old. Planning her Unicorn birthday party for July. Plans to be a ballerina. Is extremely motivated by getting stamps on her kindness/good behaviour chart on the fridge. Recently re-conquored sleeping through the night in her own bed.


Hugh Joseph
2 years old. Will not hold still for a photo. Wants to be a fireman or super hero. Always says “that’s beddah” (better), “you look beautiful”,  “how was your day?” and introduces himself as “Big-Boy Joseph Salisbury”.


Tessa Araceli

6 months old. Shining light of joy. Marathon roller. Fan of all foods. Recently overtook her big brother in diaper sizes. Recently mastered sitting, clapping, and the updo.


About Amy

Married the man of my dreams, enjoying life with a 4.5 year old daughter, 3 year old son, 18 month old baby girl and waiting for baby 4 to arrive in August. Figuring out this stay at home thing, learning how to be a better mother to my children and more loving wife to the one I love.
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