15/52 The first “Lake Day” of Summer 2016 and Kid updates

This week we had out first “lake day” of the warm spring/summer! We are extremely lucky to have a small community lake, and I make it my goal to spend 2 mornings each week there if possible during the warm weather. It is finally nice enough to even be in the water (for fearless children at least). Besides wading and splashing and sand castles, there are playgrounds to play at and lots of green space to explore as well as a creek and waterfall. If you are a local friend, you are more than invited to come join us at the lake this summer, text/message/email/call me!



Tessa is 6.5 months old now, and has mastered rolling and can quickly move across a room and get herself firmly stuck beneath furniture or wedged into uncomfortable baby predicaments. She has one bottom tooth, loves to eat everything shes tried so far (which is…. pretty much everything we have eaten in the last month) and continues to be the only one who sleeps through the night! She sleeps during the day roughly from 10-12 in the morning and then 3-4ish in the afternoon and goes down around 8 for an unbroken 12 hours!
I am not positive about her weight and legnth stats, but shes heavy enough that I moved her out of the baby bucket carseat and into a “big kid” carseat. And praise the Lord we could fit three car seats in the second row of our dodge journey (two of them are the narrow Dionos) so we don’t need to take the minivan leap quite yet. 20160419_103852_HDR-01


Hugh is 28 months now, and still living up to “hugh-mongous” and “Hulk Hugh-gan” type nicknames at 35.8 lbs and 3 foot 2 inches. He is a very adventurous climber and has quite the sense of humour, which is nice most of the time except when he is laughing in the face of any scolding or discipline. Lately he has taken to giving very sweet compliments and will let the ladies in his life know “you look beaaauty-full” and men get a nod and “handsome” which is just so sweet and I need to get on film because his little baby voice so sincerely offering unprompted compliments is such a heart melter! Hugh still naps every afternoon asking “mom can I have my soo-soo and 1 book?” and goes to bed at 8 but then wakes up and comes to our bed and he still nurses during the night. He’s by far my pickiest eater right now but usually gives in once he tries it because he actually does like most foods but it just hesitant to actually try.


Clara is looking ahead eagerly to her 4th birthday in July. She wants a Unicorn party but thankfully hasn’t asked for a real unicorn to be there yet. I could gush about how sweet she can be, or I could vent about how utterly frustrating parenting is at moments, but you probably know; its a mix of both. The best of the best as well as the hardest thing I have ever attempted. Clara does make is easier somedays, she is extremely helpful and will do anything she can to try to help; change Tessa, buckle people in to carseats, find clothes and missing shoes, wash dishes and make cups of coffee.. Really a handy one to have around! She also is very smart and trying to make sense of the world and as any parent of a preschooler probably remembers that comes with lots of little ups and downs. She likes to say her own grace at meals and sometimes prays things like “God, thank you for this food, and please help me not to be disobedient so I can be obedient.” So I know on every level she is trying. She no longer naps and we try to spend some extra special “big girl time” together every afternoon when 1 or 2 of the little ones are sleeping and we will paint or craft or read or do something else which doesn’t go so well with a baby and 2 year old thrown in.

This post is part of my “Project 52” attempt to record a photograph of each child each week of 2016. I know I have missed some weeks but if you care to look back, click the “project 52” tag to see the other posts.



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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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3 Responses to 15/52 The first “Lake Day” of Summer 2016 and Kid updates

  1. Ah, the almost 4-year old….can be the sweetest and most helpful thing one moment and the most frustrating little person the next. We got one of them! #solidarity

    Also, Hugh is huge (although he really doesn’t look like it in pictures). Landon is almost 4 and I don’t think he’s gotten to 30 lbs yet! I think Chase caught up to him. Ha.

    Your project 52 is totally making me want to do this next year! Love it.


  2. Hannah S. says:

    I laughed out loud at the nicknames Hugh gets! And Tessa… Oh my, she’s getting so old! What a great sleeper you have! I’m so jealous. I love seeing her a part of the big kids!


  3. Hannah says:

    Sounds like a fun outing! I wish we were close enough to come play. 😦


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