Easter Weekend Recap

Good thing I write posts mostly and only for myself, because gosh oh gee this is “late” for a recap! Anyway we had a wonderful easter, I might even say “low key” but thats mostly just low key compared to some of my lofty expectations and this should actually be described as “realistic” for a family with three little kids.

Holy Thursday

I had really wanted to go to the Mass of the Lord’s supper, but it starts right at the kids bedtime, and although we toyed with the idea of going as a family right up until the last minute, we ended up staying home and putting the kids to bed as usual. They wake up enough as it is, and although I talked it up and they were very keen to see Father washing feet during mass, they were happy to watch the video of Pope Francis washing feet instead (over and over and over.)

I also bought Lacy’s Holy Week in Handprints book and we started painting that and had kid sized discussions about what happens during Holy Week.

Next year I want to remember to buy lamb and artichokes and pita bread or something to have a meal that encourages some more discussion about what went on this day, maybe do a family foot washing too.

Good Friday

I remember having such an interior struggle last year to find the right balance between observing Good Friday but also the reality of three little kids and what they can handle. Last year ended up going not according to my plan at all but turned out pretty good, so I tried to plan for what worked, and that ended up being quite good. Brian and I decided to totally “fast” from screens and let our families know to call and not text if they needed to reach us. Having been pregnant and or breastfeeding for the past 4 years of fasting days, it was good to pick something really challenging to fast from for the whole day, and it definitely made a difference.

We brought the kids to the noon service with veneration of the cross, and after it was over we walked around the church and Clara and I talked about what was different, why was the tabernacle wide open and empty? Why are the statues and everything covered up? there was a large crown of thorns and nails at the back of the church and it gave her a lot of visuals and helped her notice the difference between the church ordinarily and especially when it changed to be decorated for Easter. We came home and napped and worked on preparing for the Easter Food blessing that’s Saturday morning. I made Hot Cross buns and Easter bread and we talked about what was happening to Jesus on Good Friday.

Holy Saturday

We made a Polish Easter Basket and brought it to the church to be blessed on Saturday morning. We aren’t polish, but I love this tradition and it has been such a perfect fit for Holy Saturday, I found it was such an awkward day previously, you don’t want to start celebrating when you are telling the kids we are still waiting for Jesus to Rise on Easter, but its also different from Good Friday. Anyway I really love it. We bake the bread and dye eggs and then after the blessing ceremony come home and start to clean and prepage and decorate our house for Easter. 2016-03-26 09.55.59-1 2016-03-26 10.01.46

E16 (12) E16 (13) E16 (14) E16 (15)

Easter Sunday

We toyed also with the idea of going to Easter Vigil, or at least the Fire part – but all of that is again starting a whole hour after bedtime, and at our Church its quite crowded and so most people don’t even get close enough outside to see the fire, so I ended up chickening out. I know there are lots of families who do take even their little children to Easter Vigil, and I want to be those people, but it just wasn’t the right year for us to try it.

By the time Sunday morning came I was fine with that, we woke up early, had a few minutes eating eggs from our baskets, and then the kids put on their new Easter clothes and we headed to Mass, plenty early so we could still get our usual spot in the 2nd row. We were surrounded by friends and families we see at our Parish and it was a beautiful Easter Mass, although the behavior of sugar high kids (not just ours!) was pretty generally atrocious, kind of to be expected so I didn’t really worry too much.

E16 (22) E16 (23) E16 (19) E16 (16)E16 (24)

After mass we came home and I popped a bunch of overnight caserole type brunch foods into the oven and set the table for brunch. We had my parents, my little sister and her husband and friend, and my youngest sister and my aunt join us for brunch. The food worked out really well and was super Yummy. I made:

Overnight Eggs Benedict (Eggs Benny is a FAVE over here and I didn’t know if the casserole version would be a total flop – but it turned out great and went over well)
Rainbow fruit cups 
Apple Streusel French Toast Bake This was as good as it sounds. The title doesn’t even include that its made of Cinnamon rolls and has Pecans!
And Ham and Cheese Scones and my sister brought some sweet Chocolate and Orange scones.

2016-03-26 11.25.372016-03-27 11.37.06 2016-03-27 11.54.14

After eating the kids had an egg hunt outside which was very fun, and some of us played Bananagrams and Tenzi once the babies had a nap. It was a very nice day and I would say “low key” because almost ALL of the food prep had been done the day before so I just got to preheat the oven and then enjoy. I love guests who do dishes!


I am sure you are wondering how the Easter grass growing experiment went.

SMASHING. I love it. It was so fun and looked really cute.

2016-03-26 21.43.05

Easter Sunday evening we had dinner with my mom and dad and Meagan. I was sad that all the rest of our extended family (my brothers and sisters) weren’t able to spend it together, but I am hoping in the next few weeks when our long lost older sister is home visiting that we get lots of bonding time with the aunties and uncles!

All in all it was a blessed Easter, I hope the same can be said of yours!




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  1. Hannah says:

    You took a lot more and consistent pictures than I did over Easter, I feel like I let myself down! Also Eggs Benedict is one of those things I’ve always wanted to try to cook but felt it was too intimidating, so a casserole version sounds right up my alley. I’m going to have to try it! 🙂


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