Projects, Crafts, Quilts, and Easter Baskets

So I have taken on a billion projects, as usual it seems. But So many were finished in the past weekend (or considerable progress at least!) and I am feeling great about Easter coming up and the possibility of starting new projects since so many are finished!

I thought I would do a little showcase on things that have been taking up my mental and physical space lately!

2016-03-17 17.00.19

Planted Easter grass that I am hoping will sprout and grow and be green and lush by Sunday to put in our baskets. So far it looks about the same (its been 4 days) But I have hope. We will see

2016-03-16 18.01.022016-03-16 21.42.49

I made an Easter Wreath!

2016-03-20 22.48.45 2016-03-20 22.48.56

With the help of my mom and sister Anne, we made huge progress on finishing the 40 Peg dolls that I am in the middle of. 20 St. Elizabeth (Mary’s cousin) who wasn’t even started at all before Sunday, and now she just needs a face and some need arms and bellies and floral decoration, and the others are St. Thomas Aquinas – who still needs hair. And maybe arms.

2016-03-13 22.55.47

I remembered in the middle of the week that I had bought a bright cheery Charm pack and some fat quarters intending to make something for Easter, and I sort of copies, mostly made up my own pattern to make this table runner, and miracle of miracles, got it pieced, quilted and bound all by Sunday afternoon!

2016-03-20 22.43.562016-03-20 22.43.442016-03-20 22.43.182016-03-20 22.42.38

For the first time I went beyond quilting in the ditch, and I love it so much! I also decided to do a decorative stitch for the top stitch when finishing the binding, Its little leaves to match the boarder fabric. I really like how it turned out, different for sure. Hopefully the quilting police aren’t reading this.

I also pulled out that little LED birch tree which we bought (super duper clearance) after Christmas and I am thinking of using it as a centerpiece tree with pretty Easter eggs hanging on it. What do you think? Does it look Eastery? I laughed out loud when I opened the box and Restoration hardware has included a completely unnecessary piece of burlap and twine, because of course.

In order to make pretty easter eggs, I tried chalk painting plastic ones…

2016-03-17 16.27.01

The verdict’s still out on whether that’s worth the exorbitant price of chalk spray paint.

What do you think?

Can you see that one pink egg hanging on it? with a ribbon around it? This one2016-03-20 22.44.49 (2)

Like it? worth making more? I have blueish and green/purple? cant remember… so they wouldn’t all be pink.

I also bought a 30 pack of coloured twine for the eggs on the wreath. So next time my glue gun and I get some quality time, we will see what comes out.

I may also chalk pain the letters for the girls names, see below, and eventually use them on their wall or for a bulletin board for each of them or something.

2016-03-20 22.19.49 2016-03-20 22.33.25 2016-03-20 22.14.52

all clearance/ $1.50 bins at Michaels and I couldn’t resist. Glad my kids all have short names!

It was fun staging easter basket pics and also mentally reassuring to go through and be sure I have plenty… more than plenty, for each of them!

2016-03-20 22.23.19

In Clara’s: bubble bath, toothbrush and tooth paste, very needed hair bush and barrettes, Bubble solution, a lego kit and a unicorn cookie cutter (she loves unicorns and I plan to use this to make sugar cookies for her summer birthday!)

2016-03-20 22.26.03

In Hugh’s: also a lego kit, shampoo and bubble bath, army men, sword glow sticks, a toothbrush and bubbles.

2016-03-20 22.14.34

Tessa’s: I realized we have purged lots of our little baby toys that crinkle and rattle and are chewy, or we just never had many? or they got thrown out of the stroller or something. Anyway  I grabbed her a few of those. and done.

I couldnt break open the candy packages for a photo shoot or it would have just been too dangerous. for me. But there’s lots of that because #candyaddict

2016-03-20 22.38.11

and of course some more crafts, some to do on Holy Saturday I am thinking

2016-03-20 22.40.28

(Heads up! everything Easter is on Clearance now at Michaels!)

And best of all

2016-03-20 22.35.49

Matching Easter Dresses!! Vest and tie! So cute!

Can’t wait…

But first, we live through the Holiest week of the year and walk with Jesus through the last hours of His life. And most of the reason I worked hard to get all these things organized and finished before Holy Week is so that I can now forget about them and fill my mind with the realities of this holy time and enter into it more deeply. I will be praying for all of you and hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!





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One Response to Projects, Crafts, Quilts, and Easter Baskets

  1. Hannah says:

    Your table runner is gorgeous! I’m experimenting with some different quilting too and I loooove the results. It’s so much more fun and adds a ton of dimension compared to quilting in the ditch!


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