7 Quick Takes – Kid Stations, Visiting Cousins, Easter Plans

I just typed “Kelly” into google and was confused why it didn’t take me immediately directly to This Aint The Lyceum blog. Apparently predictive typing hasn’t gotten THAT good yet.

Anyway, Linking up with Kelly and all the others sharing their 7 Quick Takes this week, so go check out the others!

1.Back on the Bandwagon

I had started typing up a long complaint filled post about how this Lent is not turning out the way I envisioned it. Some of the things I thought I would do all Lent are really not that feasible and others (that I didn’t really want to do) are much more needed and it was a good mental exercise that basically gotten me back in the wagon and making a renewed effort at trying this Lent. And not just Trying to do what I want to do and be successful at MY plans.. but to TRY to grow close to Jesus even if that is in a different way He is trying to draw me closer than I thought I wanted.

2.Road Trip with Kiddos

Went surprising well!

2016-03-04 15.36.42

Lots of sleeping and beautiful back country roads and so yay! Maybe we will tackle a 12 hour drive to the coast later this spring.

3.Great Weekend in the Country

We had a wonderful weekend at my twin cousins home out in the country last weekend. I’ve wrote before a little bit about the cousin who was born on the same day as me and now we have daughters just 3 days apart who are growing to be fast friends despite living hours apart. It is certainly worth the effort and 5 hours drive to see these guys and despite being not quite recovered and not really sleeping too well, it was a fun weekend!

cid_367 cid_122cid_121cid_368

Seeing two princesses stomp through puddles is just plain adorable. And God Bless the servers who had to clean up after us at Boston Pizza!

4.Children’s Stations of the Cross

2016-03-11 16.16.21


2016-03-11 16.16.44

I just Periscoped a little tour of the Stations of the Cross that Clara and I coloured and she put up around the house. She really enjoyed doing it and we walked through all of them taking turns carrying a little crucifix and a candle and I think its a realistic 3 year old level prayer devotion that will hopefully help her “get” what Lent is all about.2016-03-11 17.03.172016-03-11 17.03.55

I printed the colouring page from Here – but I found it through Haley’s Liturgical living Pinterest boards. There are so many awesome resources for living the liturgical year! Lacy (at Catholic Icing) has lots of resources for kids of all ages I went with this one because its short and sweet and prints on 2 pages.

5.Easter Prep

So Lent is coming to an end, and Holy Week and Easter are approaching fast. I remembered in (what I hope is enough) time that I want to try growing my own Easter grass this year. I saw something about this last year (to late) but I am going to look for wheat or rye berries (?) to sprout in the baskets and I heard it takes about 7 days to get a good growth for the baskets? We will see!

Last year we also participated in our parish’s blessing of Easter foods on Holy Saturday and it was such a neat thing that I enjoyed so much so I will try again and maybe bring my mom and sister into it.

6.Periscope. Are you in yet?

Seriously, our Catholic Women’s Scopes group has been an awesome thing in my life. Great women, real community, prayer together (we just finished the Undoer of Knots Novena and are now doing one to St. Joseph leading up to his feast day) But we also have a lot of fun and some pretty hilarious things go down, the best being certianly Ashley’s #spiritanimal, see even the whole family gets involved!

2016-03-07 23.35.05

her husband made this and made a scope with her stolen identity which was pretty awesome

Anyway if you are curious, there is another Hop tonight at 10 eastern, so if you are curious, download the app and follow the names listed below (starting with @sterlingjaquith) and follow along, we are going to be talking about our Devotions.


7. This Hat

Gramma Melissa made this hat for Clara when she was a baby, and Tessa wore it on Sunday, and then Clara put it back on and it was too cute! So she wore it for a hot chocolate break and that’s about all I have left to share today! Have a great weekend!

 2016-03-09 18.31.17 2016-03-09 18.31.06



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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Kid Stations, Visiting Cousins, Easter Plans

  1. Catholic Mommy Blogs says:

    Ah you are so lucky that your kiddos sleep in the car!!! My sleep-loving children can’t sleep in the car for more than 30 minutes for some reason. Good thing we have the Frozen soundtrack and toys to keep them busy! 😉


  2. Hannah says:

    Ahh can’t believe Easter is almost here. I haven’t done any prep for Easter baskets or even figured out which side of the family we’ll be with for the celebration yet…yikes!


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