5/52 A Hasty Batch of Portraits {project 52}

The 5th week of our year in portraits.


Clara. 3.5 years.
Looking at photos books of times past, her favourites are pictures of herself as a baby


Hugh. 2 years.
Helping daddy build him a real big boy bed. At 34 lbs and nearly 3 feet tall (above the 99%) a crib turned toddler bed wasn’t cutting it for this new 2 year old.


Tessa. 4 months.
Not quite so happy about my plan to go on a walk in the ice and snow. She napped anyway.


About Amy

Married the man of my dreams, enjoying life with a 4.5 year old daughter, 3 year old son, 18 month old baby girl and waiting for baby 4 to arrive in August. Figuring out this stay at home thing, learning how to be a better mother to my children and more loving wife to the one I love.
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