Knighting Our Two Year Old – A Knights Slaying Dragons Birthday Party

Knight Dragon Second Birthday TITLE (10)

A Knights and Dragons 2nd Birthday Party

I haven’t been on the blog too much in the past week and that may in part have been because of the preparations underway for Huey’s 2nd Birthday! I want to say I tried to keep it simple – but maybe that’s not the right adjective. I will say that I Enjoy, I honestly do, the crafts and organizing and planning that’s entailed in pulling off a party like this, and I want to make it a fun time for our friends and family.

This time I picked Knights as a theme for the party because it is something Hugh is really enjoying right now and also because we were going to get him a little knight helmet and amour costume anyway so I just kind of went with it.

The Planning

I really enjoy planning things. I recently found out about the fad (is it that?) of planners that is happening now – and I am holding myself back from jumping in with both feet. Anyway I mostly avoid Pinterest unless I have a specific project that I am going to do because it’s just too annoying to get more and more ideas that I am never going to do/ can’t afford to do/don’t have the supplies for. Anyway with a party in mind I do check out the boards for some ideas.

Dragon Knight Birthday Party Sugar Cookies Plan

“work with the cookie cutters you already have” is my motto

I looked for some ideas for sugar cookies since I have been looking for some reasons to hone my skills with the icing bag and came up with this sketch of a plan.

We decided to invite whole families but because of being inside in January and the cost of a full meal for whole families, we sadly had to limit it to immediate family and 3 friends families to keep the number of toddlers under a bakers dozen.

I also came up with a list of food that sort of resembled a real meal but also could have knightly names and wouldn’t be too much work. Until I realized Bugles are SO hard to find and had to go to numerous grocery stores, drug stores and even gas stations before finding them! What the What! Seriously the cookies were easier than finding those darned “dragon claws.”

The Food and Drinks

Dragon Knight Birthday Party Food Knight Dragon Second Birthday Party (45) Knight Dragon Second Birthday Party (43)Knight Dragon Birthday Party Food

Fiery Salsa (salsa)
Crispy Dragon Scales (taco chips)
Dragon Claws (bugles)
Dragon Eggs (deviled eggs)
Dragon Ribs (pork back ribs with my brother in laws delicious family recipe)
Excalibur (fruit skewers)
Dracos Garden (veggie platter with cucumber turned dragon)

and to drink
Corona (means crown in Spanish) and
Cheap wine with a knight on the label (and other wine since this was a family party with more adults than kids)
Punch made of Lime Sorbet mixed with Sprite – the sorbet I bought happened to be white (WHAT!!) so I added some drops of food coloring to make it green.

And then made the cookies and cupcakes for desert

The Deserts

I have been working on my sugar cookie skills, basically everything I know is from Bridget’s blog, but I also knew there needed to be a cake/cupcake since you can’t stick candles (easily) into royal icing. So I went with chocolate mini cupcakes topped with cream cheese butter cream and tried out this stripey swirly frosting method which looked pretty cute. Stick a plastic dragon on one and washi tape flags on the other and – ta da!

Dragon Knight Birthday Party Cookies Cupcakes

Knight Dragon Second Birthday Party (8)


Knight Dragon Second Birthday Party (30)Knight Dragon Second Birthday Party (34)

Knight Dragon Second Birthday Party (19) Knight Dragon Second Birthday Party (29) Instead of fancy decorations that cost money and serve no dual purpose I looked for some things that could be either be super cheaply home made from things I already had or could multitask as a game or basically be the goodie bag. I really didn’t have to buy much – we even had some helium left over from my sisters wedding in the summer. Yeah apparently it lasts that long if you don’t use up one of those tanks from Michael’s, who knew.

I made cake stands from hot gluing paper cups to paper plates, and weighted the bottom cup with kidney beans. And I made some crepe paper drapey banner things because I must have been super bored one morning.

I copied some Medieval looking calligraphy onto card stock banners, and then used my new found talent of sharpie calligraphy on the food labels and foam shields for all the kids coming. We hung the shields and swords on the wall until King Brian “knighted” the kids half way through the party. Then the newly knighted crew quickly demolished a dragon pinata with their swords. It was so cute.

We also borrowed a indoor bouncy castle from a friend and had it in the basement for the kids to storm repeatedly – and run around in circles and circles and circles – kids never get bored of that, do they?

Knight Dragon Second Birthday Party (51)

Storming the castle

Huey being Knighted

Huey being Knighted

Knight Dragon Second Birthday Party (56)

Slaying the Dragon!


Our little sir Huey had quite a good time, and we are so blessed to have such a fun loving, sweet little son in our family.

Happy Birthday Hugh! HKP(53)


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5 Responses to Knighting Our Two Year Old – A Knights Slaying Dragons Birthday Party

  1. Hannah says:

    This is SUCH an adorable birthday party. I’m jealous of your cookie-decorating-skills! Happy birthday Hugh!


  2. Everything is sooo cute! And I totally hear ya, I LOVE party planning 🙂


  3. Lara B says:

    This party is awesome!! You are so creative. Wanna plan my 24th birthday party for me??


  4. His party came together so well!!!! You have some mad skills lady!


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