Coffee Date – 29 Things I am Thankful For

Today’s my 29th Birthday.

Somewhere along the line (maybe during my missionary years?) I got in the habit of sharing {birthday number} things I am thankful for at the table with the cake eating. My mom was sweet and made me a (delicious!) cake last night to have after family dinner, night Brian came home from work with an ice cream cake! Score!! But I never got to say my things. So I will now… and then share some random rambles about things I would chat with you about if we found ourselves enjoying the cozy chairs in a coffee shop. Watch out, it may be completely random.

This year I am thankful for:

  1. My God, my faith, my family, the staples. I could fill the whole list just with those, so I am grouping them as 1, so I can have 28 more 😉
  2. My tremendously sweet husband who went above and beyond to make today special, because he knows me better than I do.
  3. Waking up to breakfast already made and a cup of hot coffee
  4. Friends who are close even million miles away and even if our lives have changed in the past few years.
  5. The adult moments when adult-ing isn’t so bad after all, like getting awesome sheets for Christmas and being genuinely so happy because they are So Nice even if it seems like a boring present
  6. A new phone (even if it gives me heck sometimes) and new computer to make blogging more quick and easy
  7. Kids who play quietly for a few minutes here and there
  8. A baby who is getting into a routine of sleeping 12+ hours a night (!!)
  9. Seeing some tiny bits of growth in myself that not all the things I struggled with last year are even a thing any more (meal planning… I do it without really even thinking, hows that possible!!)
  10. Hair that cooperates
  11. Seriously I could list Brian for every single number… I am trying to think of other things than all the wonderful kind thoughtful things he does for me, every, day, like clean the gross car.
  12. Healthy kids and strong immune systems and no allergies or complications with food
  13. High quality flip flops
  14. A blanked/poncho thing so I don’t have to wear a coat all the time.
  15. Really, I am just thinking of more things about Brian that I am thankful for. He’s seriously the best. He does the dishes every night so I never have to wake up to a messy kitchen. (run>leap>hug>kiss)
  16. Living in a house big enough that the kids don’t get cabin fever in here. (I do, but, we’re working on that…) and a safe yard where they can go on their own if they have to.
  17. Life stable enough that I can craft sometimes when I make the time
  18. Wonderful family members on both sides and the lovely adult friendships that are growing between us all as we blossom into our grown up lives.
  19. Friends who I met online turning into real, true friends that add so much happiness and support to my life.
  20. I am thankful for these simple days where no ones in any kind of school yet and we can spend all day playing or doing projects of taking on the whole world if we feel like it, or stay in our PJ’s and have picnics on the floor.
  21. How far we have come in eating good (both healthywise and tastywiese) home made meals pretty much all the time
  22. Thankful for Tessa’s better than I could ask for entrance into our family.
  23. The awesome projects that I actually got finished, like the peg Saints and my ambitious baptism gown.
  24. Brian’s job, even though it comes with some stress (what job doesn’t) he works so hard and does so much to provide for and take care of us.
  25. The internet. And a better-than-(cdn)Netflix service so we can finally watch a show or two that we actually want to. (the Office! yay! Parks and Rec!! yay!! Mike the Knight… oh wait)
  26. Left over Christmas chocolates
  27. A comfortable bed. Just thinking about it gives me mental rest sometimes
  28. Again, Brian makes the list, my husband who is willing to do all my crazy ideas with me and take our family of giant babies camping and tobagganing and to the mountains and whatever else comes into my mind.
  29. Our “jumping room” while we are searching for a new tenant, the kids are loving (and expending SO MUCH energy in the) the empty (except for mattresses) room in the basement and we haven’t had to go outside (in the -22c/-8f) weather when we don’t have to!

So when I started this I totally had a list in my mind of some coffee shop chatter that I wanted to share, aaaaand now I am blanking.

One thing! aha! Is that I mentioned meal planning better, and can I be impressed with myself for a moment. Yes I sort of meal plan automatically now, for dinner at least (sometimes lunch is a bit of a gong show) and have moved on a step to trying to clean plan aka and write down one troubled spot for each day yet to tackle in the cleaning. Hasn’t worked yet (I keep writing bathrooms and they just aint happening) but its my new thing. I might write more about this, if anyone’s interested? ? ? (crickets)

Speaking of words…

You know how people are sharing their word of the year. All these intelligent, thought provoking words to serve as a theme or guide post for the upcoming year. Well Christy asked a good question; why isn’t anyone’s word of the year “cookie” and I said AS A JOKE it could be mine,  but maybe it actually COULD! I am seriously thinking of taking my enjoyment for making fancy sugar cookies to the next level (dragons den talk right there) and I need some more reasons to make dozens and dozens of sugar cookies to hone my skills. SO, if you are in the neighborhood and may have a birthday or shower or party or any excuse to eat cookies, gimme a call and tell me the theme and I will provide you with some kick tail cookies! Seriously. gimme a call.

these are some I have done before: I NEED MORE PRACTICE!

these are some I have done before: I NEED MORE PRACTICE!

OK… if I don’t quit while I am ahead this will not get posted so. Here you go. Thanks for the Birthday wishes and prayers!



About Amy

Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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4 Responses to Coffee Date – 29 Things I am Thankful For

  1. Aw, love this! Happy birthday!! (a day late, sorry) The cookie thing sounds amazing and makes me wish (even more) that we didn’t live a country away so you could bake cookies for our parties!


  2. Hannah S. says:

    Happy Birthday! So with you on the new baby entrance and how far you’ve come this year. I’m constantly feeling the same sentiments about our family here! What a sweet tradition.
    Wow, your cookie skills are IMPRESSIVE! I can’t bake anything that cool. I’m all basic with my chocolate chip cookies and coffee cake. Pretty much, that’s all I can make… Well, that and boxed cakes. Haha!


  3. Yay cookies! I’m reading Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine right now and it’s awesome and inspiring! I love that she’s a homeschooling mom of three and still runs her online business!


  4. Lauren says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Sorry for the delay, but hey, just use it as an excuse to eat more COOKIES and continue the celebration! And hey if you’re feeling generous, I wouldn’t turn down cookies, ever…lol. But seriously, I feel ya on the amazing husband thing. If I made a list like this, I would mention mine just as much as you did!


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