More Children’s books we love

I love when people share posts like this, and I have done it before and I am going to do it again in hopes that YOU will do it too, so that my next trip to the library doesn’t end with a bag of Mike the Knight and Princess books, and nothing actually good (in my opinion in anyway!). I will share a couple of these posts because the stack of books I pulled out of our collection was a little extensive for one post.

When I am reading your posts of kid books recommendations, I always open up the Library website in the next tab and place on hold all the mentioned books that I can find – then when we get there (whenever that happens), there is a stack of quality story books set aside waiting for us! It’s the best.

Anyways these are some books that are favourites around here!


Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet –  Kelly DiPucchio

This is a cutsey little story with sweet illustrations (85% of my opinion of a kids book is due to the illustrations) I randomly grabbed this at our library (fluke!) but it turned out to be actually very good. Vocabulary and writing that sounds like it comes from a real author and not the crank-out-book-factory at Nickelodeon.



Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type – Doreen Cronin

This has been a favourite around here for many many months. Always Hugh’s first request, and its an award winner for a reason. If you haven’t checked this out yet you certainly want to put it on hold now, or buy it as a Christmas gift or something, If you buy it through Amazon remember to click on an Affiliate link of one of your friendly blogger friends (I am not an Amazon Affiliate but many are)



KFB3 McToad Mows Tiny Island – Tom Angleberger

This was another find at the library, and it is SO SWEET. They call it a “transportation tale” or something like that, and its because its like a Rube Goldberg (oops I had to google ‘crazy machine of lots of pieces does simple job’ to remember that name) of a story. Love those crazy machines, and loved this story too.



Something from Nothing – Phoebe Gilman

I grabbed this at the Library because I remember it from my childhood. Again, Illustrations are beautiful and detailed and my favourite part by FAR is the little mouse family living in the margins of the pages. Also the story is great 😉




Grandma and the Pirates – Phoebe GilmanKFB5

OH MY! Just realized NOW that this and the  book above are the same author and illustrator.. well that would be why this is one of my top top top books in our collection. Its a sweet hilarious little story that Clara loved since she was an infant (we changed the girls name to Clara and called ‘Grandma’ Nana since that’s what ours go by) But the Illustrations, the pictures you guys! My FAVE. I had to take some closeups so you can see what I am talking about.

I love the frames around the pictures on each page

details everywhere!

details everywhere!

crazy parrot!

crazy parrot!

And I love that the pictures escape from the frames sometimes

2015-12-02 15.26.58

And sometimes the words are written so rhyme-y and singsong-y that they almost don’t need any pictures at all. Also the details in the story really really match the details in the picture. That matters to me and it makes sense that since one person wrote and drew the pictures, that they have a even closer level of harmony than I notice in other books.

Anyway, some gooders to add to your list if you need some new reading material!

Hopefully I didn’t break too many copywrite laws sharing photos of the inside of a book. let’s call this a book review shall we?



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2 Responses to More Children’s books we love

  1. Hannah says:

    We loved Click, Clack, Moo when I was a kid – such a fun book! Kate has SO many books already but whenever I find a list of books I just want to go buy them all…uh oh. 🙂


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