HumpDay SpeedBump post

I always have too many partial thoughts to deserve their own full post, but only once a week is it Friday and time for a Quick Takes – so this is my non-Friday-basically-a-QT kind of post.. Its not plagiarism if I changed the name, right? My idea with the title is to slow down midweek and regroup, capture some memories and see if I am slacking on any important tasks or goals etc. and finish off the week with GUSTO!

Tessa is 2 months old today!

2015-11-28 15.03.46

Over 13 lbs, good sleeper, still has that hair, blue eyes, what else is supposed to go here? She is a darling and I love that she is smiling lots now and starting to care if shes missing out on the play time the other kids are having.  Can’t wait to see them all playing together. The big kids are still doing really well at being gentle with her and love to kiss and try to play with “Tessa Bessa” I love the nick names they come up with for one another. The other Day Hugh woke up from a nap and Clara said “Can I see the Hughster??” it just cracked me up.

2015-11-29 16.35.15

2015-11-27 13.58.40

2015-12-02 07.53.59

We found a puppy in our yard

The other evening while I was cooking dinner Brian noticed a little dog in our back yard. We brought him in, because it was freezing, and gave him water. I figured it might be the dog from the new neighbors next door, they just moved in a few weeks ago and I thought they might have a dog, although I wasn’t totally sure. They moved in right around the time I had Tessa, maybe a little before, and the lady’s name is Tessa! So weird! (I already told the barista that we kinda named our daughter after her – totally weirded her out by the way) and now I have to tell the neighbor too?? Anyways the kids have never been too into dogs. They like them but my parents have a big lab who is a little too excited so they have a cautious attitude which is great. Anyway this puppy is here for literally 3 minutes while Brian walks next door to ask if their dog is missing (she hadn’t even realized he had got out yet) and she comes and gets the dog and all is well,. Except it’s not. BAWLING and CRYING all evening over the lady who took “our doggy” away. Oh my, how do you explain the real world to a 22 month old? Anyway they are probably going to ask for a puppy every day from now til forever, unless they forget – another quality trait in the 2 year old.

such dirty floors, how nice.

such dirty floors, how nice.


All my kids talk in their sleep

Seriously, I am going to stop going up stairs until there is full blown crying! I had go up the flight of stairs (curse of a two storey house!) so many times because I have heard squawks or even full blown sentences on the monitor from now, all 3 of the kids, and I get up stairs and open the door to find a fully sound asleep child! This also happens when they are in our room or our bed, it’s so confusing!! Am I bad mom? But seriously my legs or my sleep (for when this happens – mid REM cycle) can’t take it anymore.

Our Advent is off to a smashing start

2015-11-29 15.36.52

kid friendly wooden nativity was a great wedding present

There are SO many posts about Advent right now, (Bonnie’s was great) I won’t add another, just put it on the record that I did get almost all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped before Advent started, mostly by accident. We budgeted and wanted to do some of the buying in November and not all in December – and then I wrapped right away because I LOVE WRAPPING!! I am one of those crazy people that if a toy requires batteries, I would wrap every volt separately if I could. Anyways

2015-11-29 15.33.36

  • Gifts – check
  • Wreath – check (luckily our parish was selling sets of the 3 purple 1 pink candles after mass)
  • Novenas – Doing the St Andrew’s Christmas Novena and the Immaculate Conception on so far – I am planning to share more about my prayer life in a post and on Periscope on Friday. Check out the Periscope groups scope-hop on Friday at 10 EST. That makes it look so much more professional than it is! 
  • The other thing we are doing is one decade of the rosary – per day – with the kids. So far it’s worked out well, Clara wants to sing every 3rd or 4th Hail Mary, but it’s great to know she knows it on her own! Maybe she will know the Our Father off my heart by Christmas.
2015-11-30 03.33.35

this is what I have as the lock screen on my phone to remind me – from


I have been having a little bit to much fun, as they say, learning about Periscope and diving into the little community developing through the Catholic Women’s Scope group on Facebook. I was trying to describe it to a friend who thought it was sooo weird, which is kind of what I used to think too – but, it is an app that works like one way Skype, or YouTube live, where the interaction of the comments is just so neat. It really does feel more like a phone call with a friend than watching a edited video. So if you can find some interesting friendly people – it’s really fun! Anyway If you are curious, join the group or search #CatholicScopes to find some of the ones from ladies in the group. (I think search on twitter – you cant search right in periscope – as far as I know) or search for something or someone you are interested in, I am sure there are lots of celebrities and stuff on there and you could see some neat stuff that way, but I only have so much time to waste 😉 although I was following through Jim Gaffigan during the Popes visit and got to see some of the Festival of Families from Jim’s perspective on stage – that was cool

Anyway this has been long, rambly, awesome. Thanks for reading!




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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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6 Responses to HumpDay SpeedBump post

  1. brianhexhut says:

    Love you Amy! Keep up the great bloggin Hun!


  2. theresabreslin says:

    I can’t believe Tessa is already 2 months!! .. Still haven’t gotten aboard the Periscope train… Maybe when I’m nursing a baby at 2am 😉


  3. My baby girl has that exact same hooded sleeper! I got really excited when I saw that. Great job on all the Advent prep! ….I am so behind, however the hubby and I are taking her to see St. Nicholas tomorrow for our Church’s Shoenstatt group Advent reflection day!


    • Amy says:

      Your not behind! You have all advent to get prepared to welcome Jesus, that’s the whole point and every family does it different! Seeing St Nick can be a great prep 😉 THANKS for the comment!


  4. Lauren says:

    What a creative way to share what’s up in the Salisbury family! That sweater Tessa is wearing is so stinking adorable! And look at you rocking the Advent train!! (Though, I will admit Periscope is definitely on my list of weird-never-will-understand techy things.)


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