100th Blog Post – All About Blogging

AFHS 100WOW! Somehow I am up to 100 Blog Posts? That’s over about 3 years… so it really is probably not that big of a number, but it still seems like somewhat of a milestone. So in honor of this being my 100th Blog Post, I thought I would share my thoughts on why I like to keep this little online diary of our life.

I think so much about why I want to share things via a blog, why and how the “blogging community” has affected me and appeals to me, why I want to be a part of it. I am constantly assessing whether this or that is worth being shared, or “is it oversharing”, “will I regret it”, “is it too personal”, “do I really think this?” “will it help someone?” and amidst these many thoughts I occasionally sit down and then usually only end up sharing either really big events (like a baby being born! or her baptism!) or crazy projects I take on, and then don’t learn from and take on another crazy project! And very rarely any thoughts of substance.  So I probably blog something like 5% of the blog posts that pass through my brain. Maybe that’s to your benefit, I don’t know! 

Some of the appeal of blogging, I think, has to do with the difficulty during these scatterbrained toddler motherhood years of formulating a complete thought – let alone sharing that with someone, a friend, anyone! A frequent experience lately is planning a play date, getting over to visit a friend, spending a few hours, then rushing home and realizing in the car that ‘Darn! I forgot to tell her that one thing I really wanted to tell her/ask her!’  And these are friends I have known since childhood and am quite close to and can easily share just about anything with! But our time together is too full of our 4, 5, 6, 7+ children and our visit is all and only a play date, filled with supervising play, nursing, feeding, changing, breaking up fights, potty duty, shoes on, shoes off, etc… Time for substantial talk doesn’t seem to happen. Also, my mind at least, is so distracted by the constant interruptions and changes of course that the conversation takes as 3 year olds interject questions and 1 year olds need help and babies require what babies require that sharing the kind of stories or thoughts that make up many blog posts content is just not possible. So I have most real conversations with my friends over text or during the very occasional “moms night out” kind of gathering (phone calls? haha nope, interruptions double when the phone is near). So telling stories and sharing opinions and getting the chance to develop and curate an opinion on current events or politics or religion or pretty much anything is relegated to either, A) 18 years in the future, or B) a different outlet – such as blogging.

The other appeal to me, the historian, is the preserving of memories. Both those that I sometimes share in looking back or ‘Story Time‘ type posts, and the posts that record our day to day which very soon will be nothing but memories. I love having these kind of posts for myself. It was really what spurred me on to keep putting in the effort to blog when I looked back at my 2013 in 13 pictures post I had made (one of I think only n5 posts that year!) and I was reminded of incredible moments that I had lost blurry year of laundry and babies and “Not Much” happening. So I knew I wanted to keep noting the ordinary to be able to look back and see that amidst all the regular days there are some really precious moments. So I made sure I had lots of content for my 2014 in 12 pictures post, and I am looking forward to making one for 2015!

So basically I blog for me. And for my wonderful mother and mother in law who want more baby pictures than I like to share on Facebook. and for maybe one day my kids who may want to know the stories behind some of our traditions and family inside jokes.

I have also learned that blogging can be a opportunity to learn humility and acceptance. It often comes up that “Comparison is the Thief of Joy” and this thief seems to run rampant in the blogosphere. I try hard not to compare to other families and just let it be a reminder to enjoy the good that is in mine, and accept the less than perfect. Mostly by less than perfect I mean me. I started getting my Instagram pictures printed and I realized that I was in almost none of them! I don’t like selfies, and no one else really takes many pictures, but still I wanted my kids memories to include me, so I have been forcing myself to share pictures I am in, even when they are not my favourite. Its helping me to just accept who I am, un-airbrushed pictures of myself and all.

The other thing I LOVE is the community that exists in the especially (where I am at anyway) Catholic Mom Blog world. It’s awesome to know a bunch of women who are striving to little by little improve themselves, and willing to share the journey! Jenny is working on meal planning, Nell is always sharing about how shes striving to love her children and husband better, Jen and many other share their efforts to develop a prayer life, and Christy makes reading a priority (for mom, not just the kids!) and on and on it goes. I learn so much from these women and I have been learning that online friendships can really turn real.

I’ve been inspired and motivated by people like Hannah in her commitment to working outMary with her beautiful acceptance of loss, and another Mary for a heroic faithfulness in suffering. 

I’ve learned practical tips and things I put into practice on the daily from women kind enough to share like Kendra taught me how to mean what I say (and 108,386 other awesome parenting tips and philosophies), Bridget is the first place I go for Cookie Recipes, I go to Ree for pizza dough and other recipes

And then there are many bloggers fill my life with little bits of beauty like Carolyn and her incredible lettering and photography, (and her baby’s hair!) and Katrina, as well as many others.

And some are just fantastic for humor and reality and companionship in the trenches like Ana (also my sewing muse) and Bonnie and Rosie

But lately I have been really spending my online time with a crowd of newer mom bloggers, like Hannah and (a different!) Hannah and Theresa and Lauren and Jen and Nicole among others. Seriously, there are so many more~ I have been trying to make a conscious effort to put the “social” in social media, trying to make real connections and friendships and take it from follower to friend. Let me tell you, it is so worth it! Its wonderful to know women who are sharing their hearts and ideas and fostering real community to develop, I love it.

So that’s a little of why I blog, the one other reason would be that I consider all you, my readers, to be not just readers but friends! So thank you for reading, for commenting, for your emails and texts and snaps and whatever else we may use to be in touch. It means a lot and its often the encouragement and connection that this little introverted heart needs in the homebound days of these toddler years! Thank you!


About Amy

Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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6 Responses to 100th Blog Post – All About Blogging

  1. I love this! (And not just because I was included! Ha.) I started blogging before I even knew there was this big community so it’s been so fun getting to make new friends and be inspired by others who are in a similar place in life as me. So glad we found each other’s blogs! Hopefully one day there won’t be a whole country separating us in person 😉


  2. Hannah says:

    I love this!! These are all the reasons I keep blogging too, even when I get weird looks and comments from people I know in real life when I say I have a blog. 🙂 The payoff is really amazing for all the friendships I’ve developed and the inspiration/motivation/commiseration I get from other moms in the trenches, same as me. So glad to have “met” you here!


    • Amy says:

      haha I know! Real Life friends think its so crazy – like, aren’t we enough for you? but I love it and they probably would too if they ever jumped in


  3. Hannah S. says:

    This is a great post! I’m looking forward to checking out some other blogs you mentioned! Thanks for spending time connecting with me and being a friend! Blogging is a great medium and it’s so great to have a reminder of the gift that it is where friends are concerned, especially as mothers.


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