Coffee Date with Amy

Christy’s post about Missing Blogs (and the conversation in the comments sections) served as a sort of rallying call for bloggers to go ahead and just blog,  (or was that just my take from it?) and not feel that every post has to be polished or perfect or all planned out, but to just say stuff! I am sure I am not the only one who prefers to read people actually sharing who they are and what they are thinking more than 7 Ways to Wear Your Scarf and Five Favorite Flavors of Lipbalm type posts constantly.

I think there is so much good and support and friendship to be gained and has been gained through the real (even if online) community of Catholic women and moms that has been formed through blogging, and as bloggers get so professional it seems harder to make friends. So, unprofessional I am happy to remain and I hope you feel like you can be more than just a reader, be my friend! Leave me a comment or send over an email… that is if you aren’t my friend (or my mother) already in person 😉 which I know the majority of my 3 readers probably are 😉

With that, and without pinnable images and perfectly edited grammar and spelling…I give you

What I Would Talk to You About if we were Sitting Together at a Coffee Shop

That would be a nice restful way to spend Sunday, wouldn’t it? How to rest on Sunday has been something I have been thinking about, and Brian and I have been talking about ever since we read the Catechism’s numbers about that very topic at our Familia meeting on Tuesday night.

So, tonight we put Clara and Hugh together in the same room for the first time ever. Sooner than planned because when he was put down in his crib for his nap this afternoon he walked back into the kitchen a few minutes later. So I guess he conquered climbing the crib rails! And we couldn’t really leave his bed in his “room” which was really not a kids room and more like a bedroom used for crafts and storage with a crib tossed in… so he and clara sharing it is! And they are both asleep by 9:15 (8 is bedtime, but we started way early tonight so…. I’m happy!)

2015-11-15 17.02.03 2015-11-15 17.04.44 2015-11-15 17.05.00

And that followed his first real haircut ever, and the radical transformation from baby to big boy that happens that first hair cut day! I am the most unsentimental person ever, I did not cry, but I was touched, that’s for sure… He has been the sweetest baby and has totally stolen a part of my heart I never knew existed and I know he will continue to be as he grows, but sometimes those jumps to new phases are surprising!


Also… Billings Ovulation Method of NFP. We went to a Billings Info session on Friday night (I know, wild date night fo’ sure!) But I am really interested in learning more. We learned Creighton (CrMS) while we were engaged (And I think both, and ALL types of NFP are great) not that we ever used it much, a few months here and here before and between babies, but clearly we were happy to welcome lots of babies to our family in pretty quick succession. I guess I never found CrMS to be the right fit for us, as TTW’ers I felt a bit like a rebel, they want to you to have a clear “Trying To Conceive” or “Trying To Avoid” at each and every appointment, and our attitude of “Try To Whatever” just didn’t have a place. Anyway also my life also didn’t seem to jive with Creighton’s detailed process of making observations… flat tissue and light on every bathroom break??… ain’t nobody got time for that! So I’m interested to learn more and see how this fits. 

Also it was neat because the woman coming into to town to give the Billings teacher training, (of which the info session we went to was a tiny part) needed a place to stay and it turns out this wonderful wise voice on the internet is a real live flesh and blood person who needs sheets and a pillow to sleep on and so a “online” person (I wouldn’t say friend since she didn’t know I existed before this weekend, although I had been a long time fan) stayed at our house and we got a little more time to make friends IRL. Cool! 

with every baby someone has given us one of these adorable bunnies

with every baby someone has given us one of these adorable bunnies

Then on Saturday morning I went to another info session… I know I know, the weekend of information, this time for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, which has one small class here in the city and wants to train more catechists so that more children can go through the wonderful program (including my own kids I hope. Clara has been on the waiting list since her 3rd birthday) It is such a neat program of Montessori style learning of deep solid Catholic truths. We had time to explore the Atrium (which is what they call their class room) and it is so neat! I could have spent all day there playing with the tiny altar and mini models of vestments and baptismal font and all the very cool things. There is a 90 hour course to be trained as a catechist so we are try to decide if I should go ahead with that in the coming year.

2015-11-13 15.03.30

Other than that… we had a simple week at home. I caught Clara dumping out a bag of things from the car, finding a Rosary and praying to herself, counting and reciting over and over the “Holy Mary” part of the prayer. So sweet.

Brian and I worked hard on redoing our budget… (unfun, but helpful) And with that we felt we could start Christmas shopping, (Super fun!) And you Americans better be grateful for your cheap and easy online shopping!!! Getting the perfect item quickly to out USA family member is so easy!!Especially because I chose now to do an Amazon Prime trial. Shipping in and to Canada is a joke and unbelievably expensive most times so its not even something that I consider as an option, so to the mall we go, at least I only had to bring little miss.

2015-11-12 20.50.13The Rejected pile was humongous though....

Brian also encouraged me to just get some new clothes that fit my lovely ever changing postpartum body. And yay! Postpartum friendly styles seem to be totally in right now, who’da’thunk it?!  So I didn’t even have to look to hard and I found some decently cute clothes that fit my insane criteria (for shirts – non clingy material, sports bra friendly neckline or collar, nursing friendly, long enough to wear with leggings… and for pants – elastic high waistband, no jeans, no sweats, no leggings.) Sounds impossible but… Old Navy to the rescue.

2015-11-16 05.03.092015-11-16 05.12.502015-11-16 05.14.112015-11-16 05.19.082015-11-16 05.20.232015-11-16 05.22.35

so I got all these (or this was the closest thing I could find online) Although in way giant-er sizes then these tiny models are showing… And another pair of pants that are awesome too but I had no idea what they were called online. So if you are going to be postpartum any time soon maybe these are a good thing to stock up on! Also mostly all of these are on sale. Yay!

The rejected pile was huge though

The rejected pile was huge though

Anyway all in all an nice week. I am glad I have this to remember it all. And now you know a little more about me! Hows about you?


About Amy

Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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13 Responses to Coffee Date with Amy

  1. Beth Anne says:

    Funtimes I love this post. Interesting stuff. I feel you on the unfun “adulting” (as I like to call it) budgeting but it’s something we have to do. I started Christmas shopping as well and still am not sure what I am going to do for my mom. I might make her a bunch of photo books from my sisters wedding and her trip to Europe but haven’t decided.

    Amazon prime is the best. When we have to wait for things more than 2 days it feels like FOREVEr when really it has only been a week.


    • Amy says:

      Yeah moms (and dads!!) can be so hard to shop for. We pick names among the adults in both my husband and my family, so luckly we have no moms this year to shop for, but double on dads so that will be fun… Photo books are a GREAT idea! I am dying to get some done for myself, but again, online shopping and shipping… 2 days would be a miracle, here it’s often weeks, many weeks! It’s inexplicably crazy.


  2. theresabreslin says:

    I’ve heard awesome things from people (online) who have switched to Billings. Good luck!! We are also TTWs, at least until the day I have a surprise pregnancy, haha (two Clomid babies so far!). Old Navy was my go-to after Will was born – I’ll have to check them out again this time around!!


    • Amy says:

      Yeah it seems really neat, as good as NFP can be I guess! And yeah hit up that Old Navy because seriously how often do elastic waistband pants really come in fashion?! And not old lady fashion, like real hip trendy… I think it looks horrible but hey if I can get away with it I’m not going to argue 😉


  3. Hannah says:

    I think I bought everything I could think of for postpartum stuff at Old Navy last time, so I’m glad to hear they’re still going strong! Hopefully whenever that will be necessary (hehe) they’ll still be in style. 🙂


  4. Janine says:

    We do billings!!!!! But, like you only for a few months here and there. I was also trained in Creighton first and I dropped out of the course because it just seemed too complicated! I love how easy billings is. 😃


  5. Ughh I hate that about creighton too (and I very much think it’s the right method for us and my ridiculous cycles). My instructor would think I’m crazy every time but seriously…why can’t there be an in between answer?! TTW. I like it.


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  7. Lauren says:

    Oh Amy!! I would love an afternoon in a coffee shop with you (and Jen, can we invite her? haha.) …minus the coffee, though. These are such interesting topics and I’d love to pick you brain on all of them! Jen had me sort of intrigued by Creighton but considering it took what felt like forever to conceive this time around, I think we will most definitely be “TTW” after the post-postpartum recovery phase works itself out. In fact, the other day I thought I should probably research a post-postpartum NFP course and then just decided I didn’t care enough at this point. We’re not looking to have two babies in the same calendar year or anything but life will go on when and if #2+ comes along! And switching gears…yay for new clothes!! I felt SO guilty purchasing 2 pairs of maternity jeans and 4 shirts over the weekend but the truth of the matter is that I got great deals and I could really use the items that actually fit me and aren’t borrowed from someone else’s (smaller-sized) closet. Old Navy was a total bust for me, though. I used to love shopping there but hadn’t set foot in the place for years and when I went again in October I remembered why I hate it so much. The place was a total mess, nothing fit, and it was all really cheaply made/not my style at all. I did purchase two maternity dresses there, but I don’t love them…it was more necessity than excitement, for sure. Ok, I’ve said enough…have a lovely day!


    • Amy says:

      Thanks form your message Lauren!
      Yes TTW or just not worrying about NFP at all is definitely the way to go if you can, don’t add extra stress of you don’t need to, and the good thing is if a month comes when you are worried, you can implement a method of you know one. And yes let’s get together in a Louisiana Coffee shop for Beignets (is that how it’s spelled, I’ve never had one) with jen and just chat! One day!!


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