7QT – Links, Laughs and Baby

I have been saving some links I came across this week, since now I have a smart phone that can handle that kind of crazy multitasking. They are totally random I warn you! But hopefully they aren’t the same (albeit awesome) posts that have been read and recommended many times this week. (Like the wonderful ones by Carolyn, Ana, and Melody,  caution some of those may require Kleenex)

Basically I just want to win one of Kelly’s Link-toberfest prizes SO BADLY so I have to get a 7QT together before midnight!!

1. Patron Saint for couples

Gina is posting a series on patron saints, and I have learned about a few new ones, including this awesome couple who was beautified together! I love that the Church is making a point of holding up examples of people whos lives proved that marriage and family is a true path to sanctity! Gina’s post is awesome, and she links to JPII’s homily from their beautification mass (which 3 of their 4 children were attending!!) which is really worth reading!

2. Cus’ I didn’t have my own birth photographer

Maybe one day I will have a birth photographer. but this is not this day. (and this is NOT a graphic post). Instead its a beautiful photo essay about Midwives doing a newborn exam. All pictures of a few hours old baby (not mine) and some ebautiful descriptions of the carying and tender expert medical work that midwives do. I can say I had exactly the same experience, and I am so glad Tessa’s first few hours were so very tender and precious.

3. People ARE inconvenient

My wonderful friend Mary is finally back to writing at her blog! She is a wonderful writer and an even better friend, and this post on The inconvenience of others shares a little of her experience as a newlywed. As always her writing is both hilarious and a good pause to think – this time about what and why we let things bother us so much sometimes.

4. Kelly’s contest entry question this week is…

How many Seven Quick Takes posts have you written?…save draft… go count….

This turns out to be only my fifth Quick takes post. Only? Aww… that makes me sad for some reason, gonna have to employ one of my guilty pleasures to cheer up

5.  Searching for “Brilliant” on Pinterest

Every once in awhile I do this… Just to see what passes for “Brilliant” on our modern world full of so many incredible advancements and technology etc etc…

and I find things like this

And it kind of makes me worried for the future of humanity, but always makes me chuckle

6. Speaking of Brilliant things

I am sure I had something else insightful or funny or something to share… but no, so one more to make you laugh?

Since it is Thanksgiving and all this weekend (here in Canada) so the cooking has begun and the eating takes place tomorrow and then the left overs might last through Monday… hopefully

7. And Because this is what you really came here for

As well, I think I just learned something new about myself… that I should never be a headline writer.

We have black and white newborn pictures of Clara and Hugh above our bed, and a third frame waiting for a picture of Tessa, so I tried to take one today that will fit.tkp

Think this may be it. She is so adorable!


During our “photoshoot” she even cracked a few smiles. From day one she had a smile or two in her sleep, but this was wide awake, does that make it a real smile? I think so.


She also has a little bit of an attitude peeking out, and of course newborn crossed eyes


Click over to Kelly’s for lots more Quick Takes, and to enter – even just readers can enter to win and really, the prizes are sa-weet!



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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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2 Responses to 7QT – Links, Laughs and Baby

  1. theresabreslin says:

    Tessa really is a beautiful baby!! (All your kids are adorable, but there’s something about a squishy newborn, right?)


  2. Megan Isom says:

    What a sweet baby!!!


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