One Week Old – reflections on the first week of life

TAowo (4)

It’s hard to believe we have had one whole week already of enjoying the company of our darling new daughter. She has been so good to us. All those important things a baby has to do; like learning to nurse and burp and fill their diaper, she has done exceedingly well. She doesn’t seem to have her days and nights confused and chooses instead to alternate sleeping and eating every two hours pretty much regardless of day or night.

TAowo (6)

I really couldn’t be happier with how Tessa came into the world. The most wonderful midwife happened to be the one on call when we called on Friday morning. She was assisted by a second as well as a student midwife for the dramatic parts, but she is truly so capable and so comforting as well as empowering and I was so calmed by knowing I could put my full trust in her skills. Active labor at around 6 hours was still fast compared to most, but compared to my previous history (3 and 1.5 hrs?)  it was a little slower and definitely less chaotic and “scary” than the unexpected very fast deliveries can be. Still debating whether or not I am one who can share the fill birth story.

TAowo (2)

Tessa and I have done our very best to stay in or around bed pretty much this whole week. No real clothes, No leaving the house yet, and only a handful of visitors of the family or as close as family sort, and I am so glad we did. And so so SO incredibly grateful for Brian’s support in making it possible. Taking on full care 24/7 for two slightly sick, very needy, still-waking-up-in-the-night toddlers, as well as needing to bring food and drinks (ALL THE LIQUIDS!! How do I always forget nursing is so parching!) and phone chargers to wife-in-bed and manage the meals and laundry and dishes and whole house is, as you know, A LOT. He is doing so much for all of us and I am so so grateful Brian, you are the absolute best! Smartest thing I ever did; picking you!

TAowo (7)

Clara shares my feelings about this guy

The kids are so sweet and slowly learning to be gentle with her. Sibling relationships are so darling to watch as they develop. Hugh just wants to snuggle beside her and share whatever blanket she is wrapped in. Clara comes looking for her and sings and sings songs that she makes up on the spot about her unending love for this little baby.

Now I just have to learn how to keep them all still-ish to get a good picture of them. In focus with clean faces and brushed hair are my very lofty goals, if we are sharing deep truths.

TAowo (5)

I try to spend at least some of her many nursing sessions with no screen on and if anything just a Rosary in my hands for the purpose of having some time for quiet, for prayer and some thought and reflection. Keeping this first week simple and homey has made that just a bit easier. I have been thinking about the incredible gift of being entrusted a child who is “custom designed” by our Lord to be just who our family needs. Our family will never be the same. Life won’t just pick up and carry on just as it was – with just another little munchkin in the bunch. I know we are all going to be stretched a little (or a lot), we all have to readjust, and learn to love a little more. It will take some time, and lots of effort, but we will find new rhythms, and new build new relationships, and just like the name of this blog says; I really believe that God has entrusted this darling girl to our family for the sake of helping us all get closer to our ultimate goal, spending eternity with Him in Heaven.

We are so incredibly grateful.

TAowo (3)





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6 Responses to One Week Old – reflections on the first week of life

  1. alethea says:

    I love the truths you speak. God really has designed each child to grow each family as He sees fit. What a blessing little Tessa is to your family and the world! And what a blessing and perfect way to spend her first week of life.


  2. Beautiful! So happy all is well 🙂


  3. Hannah says:

    What a beautiful post! So happy for you guys. 🙂


  4. Rosie says:

    Oh goodness they are all so sweet 🙂 Prayers for a good recovery and transition for all!


  5. Lauren says:

    Oh this is so lovely! I’m super glad you were able to lay low that first week and spend time being the greatest mommy ever! 🙂


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