Baby Name Ideas – Home birth – Other such wonders

Kate at Sancta Nomina (Think a Catholic version of nameberry) was kind enough to give me a baby name consultation a few months back when we were in the thick of indecision about what this little one’s name is going to be. She posted it on her blog today if you want to check it out here.   Baby names are so facinating (in theory) but when the reality of it comes to my actual child it gets so tricky to really find the right name, I think we have them decided finally (very very recently… as in, last night), but as it has happened in the past, we wont share publicly til baby is here and daddy announces his or her name because that’s become our tradition.

Last night we had a little date night at the midwives office where they go over birth decisions and “when to call us” type stuff with all the couples due soon. It really made it sink in whats about to happen, and led to a really restless (mostly emotionally and mentally) night of wondering if I am really ready to do this, are these REAL contractions?? some contraction timing, lots of doubt and “Jesus I trust in You”s… I am feeling a bit more calm and prepared today. I decided to tackle the few remaining  things on the I-should-get-that-done list, you know, important things like deleting pictures off my phone so I can take a picture of the new baby… horrible “storage is full” screen! Oh and double checking that we really have all the things ready to hopefully have this baby at home.

Like I mentioned the other day, both my other babies were happily and safely born at home with the help of wonderful midwives. It wasn’t such a foreign concept to me since my mom had 4 of her 6 babies at home, including me! And for some of my younger siblings I was quite aware of what was going on. Anyway, I imagine for lots of people home birth sounds totally crazy, so if you are a little curious about it, here’s some deets. (Nothing gruesome or TMI, I promise!)

2015-09-10 14.46.11

In the corner of our master bedroom, we’ve set up this little “baby station”. Although lots of the time baby is right with me in bed nursing, I really want to have a nice safe place to put the new one down that hopefully no big loving siblings can wake them up with over enthusiastic kisses and pokes. And then a Ikea change table to, lets me honest, store things. Right now its storing the birth supplies! so handy.

L2015-09-10 14.49.14ike this lovely basket of towels and baby blankets. The midwives throw this stuff in the dryer when baby is imminent, so that its warm and cozy to cuddle up the baby and mom and keep every one warm during the skin to skin first few hours that the midwives try really hard to make sure is uninterrupted.

I hate when blog posts are full of disclaimers, but I want to add that these expert, skilled, professional midwives have full faculties in the hospitals here and if anything at all indicated that it would be safer for mom and baby to be born in the hospital, we would immediately transfer there, and as long as they could the MW would remain the primary care provider. I am trying to be ready for birth at home, because my history of going very quickly and because I do believe for low risk, prepared and assisted women it is as safe, if not safer than other settings. 2015-09-10 14.53.16
I already have a just in case hospital bag packed and in the car, so we are ready for that too if it were to come to that.

Tucked in this basket are the other supplies that may be helpful. Less glamorous, you know, as birth likes to be. But nothing too extraordinary. Pads, garbage bags, newborn diapers, disposable underwear etc. etc.

The midwives show up with cases and cases of equipment and supplies and are prepared for all kinds of unexpected things that could happen, all the same supplies and equipment that would be in a standard (not high risk/NICU type) hospital delivery room. IVs, oxygen, resuscitation station, all kinds of medications for hemorrhaging or other complications, and delivery instruments, so most of that arrives with them. They unpack it, don’t use any of it, and pack it all back up. But we have these things ready and after baby is safe and sound they are always good enough to start a few loads of laundry and get all the trash out and it’s really like nothing earth shattering happened. Way less gross that even I used to imagine.

And best of all…

2015-09-10 15.02.10Babies first outfit!

I am sure everything else this baby will wear 99% of its child hood will be handed down, but I like for the first outfit to be brand new and I picked these out a few weeks ago. Also handy for newborns that look a lot alike to be able to distinguish in the pictures years later which baby was which 😉

Anyway, still waiting.
Please keep us all in your prayers!



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10 Responses to Baby Name Ideas – Home birth – Other such wonders

  1. Ah, so close! I think home birth is such a beautiful thing and am so glad you’ve experienced it (coming from someone who will never experience it, *sigh*). I loved so many of the baby names in the post but I will say my vote is for Felicity and Leo 🙂 will say some prayers for you and baby!!


  2. Hannah S. says:

    SO excited for you!! You’re going to do great, and for everything else, there’s so many prayers coming your way! You are such a boss for home-birthing. Great idea about the dryer blankets and towels too! I’ll ask for Saint Gerard’s intersession for you guys!


  3. theresabreslin says:

    Can’t wait to see which name you choose, lots of great options 🙂 prayers for you and baby in preparation for the big birth!


  4. Melody says:

    Oh baby names! I love them! Can’t wait to hear what you choose. Praying for you!


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