Quick Quick Takes – Pregnancy, Sewing, Petting pigs and more!

I got a sign that I should blog today.

Christy is hosting 7 Quick Takes, and in my inbox (full of spam) were new blog posts from Teresa AND Janinie! Best!!

  1. I reach 37 weeks on Monday. Labour day? Is it a sign… We are hoping for a home birth,(like the other two) and have to reach that milestone to be able to go ahead with that plan… although lets be real, I will probably be pregnant for another 5 weeks til 42 weeks rolls around, just because I am starting to feel so So SO DONE being pregnant already. And because Murphy’s law and we are actually pretty “ready” practically speaking this time around.
    2015-08-31 18.00.01
  2. I have really embraced a take-it-easy approach to the last few weeks. I think with past pregnancies I tried to get through the third trimester at full steam with plans to take it easy in the newborn phase, but actually having a newborn has been generally easier than being super pregnant (in my experience) Energy levels and sleep comfort etc, so laziness now, and when baby comes (and after at least a week of boss-postpartumming) I will probably want to resume normal programming.
    2015-09-03 07.46.31

    stuff like cuddling this soon to be non-baby

    2015-08-27 20.06.21-2

    and lots of daddy time

    2015-08-31 18.12.35

    super dad takes them to the library and builds them forts!

  3. The wedding dress to baptism gown project has been the main thing on my project list lately. Its coming along slowly but surely. I am learning a lot. Undoing and redoing and youtube tutorials for the win! Some progress photos of things so far.2015-08-27 15.51.21 2015-09-01 13.30.55
  4. I have tried to do a few fun things, before the summer totally comes to a crashing end. (Last year we had a HUGE snowfall on September 5… ) So we went to the little farm one more time, and the kids totally love it… She was even brave enough to pet the pigs this time!
    2015-08-25 12.04.04
    2015-08-25 11.10.09
  5. We have done a few other fun family things that are worth putting on the record.
    This was “WingFest” which was like a hot wing competition. Pretty fun, though wings+wasps were a little scary. But we came out unscathed!
    2015-08-22 11.44.26

    2015-08-22 12.16.02

    First facepainting experience

    2015-08-22 12.39.31

  6. Lots of prayers going out for the tragic migrant situation. I just can not get it out of my mind.
  7. They don’t call them quick for nothing. really… I am just impressed that this got thrown together, when this is the kind of stuff I deal with the second the laptop comes out:
    2015-09-04 10.31.36

    hands occupied with dissecting a pen – usually mashing on the keyboard

    So I will quit while I am ahead! Check out Christys for more, better, takes



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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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3 Responses to Quick Quick Takes – Pregnancy, Sewing, Petting pigs and more!

  1. theresabreslin says:

    Yay, glad I motivated you to blog!! 😉 your baptism gown progress looks awesome! I am excited to see what you do with it from here – Will’s gown looks pretty much like what you have now, but with sleeves and a little bib. I’m thinking of making alterations to it for Zelie. Praying for baby #3 to make an appearance soon!


  2. Hannah says:

    I can’t wait to hear about baby #3!!! Hoping for your sake it is sooner rather than later. And how did I not know somehow that you had two homebirths already? You go, girl!


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