Anne and Daniel Tie the Knot (thousands of circles later)


Anne and I, years ago at a cousins wedding. She has the bangs in this picture. We kind of look alike

My beautiful sister Anne married her husband Daniel this May. They are the cutest and have been dating since he showed up on her 18th birthday – she wasn’t allowed to date before 18 – and he had had his eyes on her since they met when they were 11. So cute!

They had a long engagement and are off in Bora Bora honeymooning so I wanted to recap the wedding, even though I mostly just took terrible blurry phone pictures.


I mentioned being involved with making the decorations for my sister Anne’s wedding.

This little collage summaries a bit of what we did. ADW5

The biggest decoration were the 2,000 or 3,000 feet of paper circles sewn into garlands, which looked beautiful, but were a couple good weeks of work.  We also decided two weeks before the wedding to buy the fabric pictured and sew table runners and bunting for the head table. I am so grateful for all the help my gramma and mother and sisters gave for the ironing and cutting and pinning and sewing that was necessary to make that come together in time.


Friday, before the wedding, we did all the set up and decorating the for the hall. Of course with lots of little ‘helpers” scampering around.

Later on Friday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! Great family time at a casual BBQ, now that pretty much all the family has moved away from town, it was really fun to be back all together!


During the dinner the 3 little flower girls had a little Mani Pedi spa of their own to prepare for the big day! ADW1

She did smile. But unfortunately wedding schedule and nap schedule did have some conflicts, so when I woke her up to walk into the church she told me a few times she was still sleepy and a little grumpy. She did a great job anyway! During mass I asked her (18364 times) to whisper, and she replied “Mom, Flower ‘geo’s are ALWAYS best behaved during mass!” So cute, she took her responsibility very seriously. ADW3

Very Happy Bride and Groom. I love seeing Catholic weddings like where the couple has worked so hard to live virtuously and purely and the wedding day in fact marks a TOTAL change in their lives. The beginning of a whole new life.

ADW8 I hope other people caught some good shots of Huey in his little suit. So cute! This blurry one in the best I have.

The kids had such a good time running back and forth across the dance floor, collecting all the balloons into one giant boquet, and doing dances for the bride and groom to Frozen songs.

They didn’t last too long though so we were home by 10, which this tired pregnant mama didn’t mind too much, although next time I will have to get in a few dances myself. ADW9

Beautiful tables, teacup candles that worked out so well and were so beautiful, and my very handsome company at our table!



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3 Responses to Anne and Daniel Tie the Knot (thousands of circles later)

  1. Hannah S. says:

    You and your sister have such a special bond between you to work so hard together on this project! All the DIY stuff looks great! I bet your hand cramped so bad after all those circles! It looks beautiful. And YES, you and your sister look so similar!


  2. Anne says:

    Thanks so much Amy for all the work you did to make it such a beautiful day! I love you big sister, it’s my goal to be as awesome of a wife and mother one day as you are.


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