Quick Takes – Poker, Encyclicals, Good Wife and Weddings

I really wanted to write and publish a blog post tonight, but haven’t the mental energy or inspiration for one whole coherent piece. Isn’t that why Quick Takes were invented?

Join Kelly and many better bloggers for their Quick Takes of this week.

1.When the men play poker… the wives blog.

Or is it just me? I love that my husband has a great group of friends who get together for fun poker, cigars and scotch but also, believe it or not, they have met every 2 weeks since September to read and discuss encyclicals together, (encyclicals are letters from the Pope to the whole Catholic church). Us wives have done it to, on the alternating weeks, and read beautiful documents on the Church’s view of family, sexuality, marriage, and parenthood. Such good stuff and so helpful to have friends to discuss these things with. #blessed

2.I have a secret little wedding planner inside me,

and it has resurfaced in these last weeks before my little sister’s wedding! (I wrote about her bridal shower the other day) I got to go look at some chair covers and it just brought out a side of me that hasn’t had much exercises lately! I have a few weeks to finish the decorations I am responsible for, but also a few more ideas to run past Anne while she is in town, and the gift opening to plan, am I crazy to be so excited for this!?

3. A friend has been telling me to watch The Good Wife

for a few years and I finally listened and started the series, and I am really enjoying it! I love finding a good show and having seasons and seasons to catch up on! Its the perfect kind of show for me, I can only half pay attention but still follow along well enough. Interesting cases for each episode but then the back story is interesting as well. I don’t usually like lawyer shows but I find this one well done and the characters are realistic enough to both like and hate at the same time.

4. We had a provincial election on Tuesday,

with shocking results. The party who has had power for over 40 years was toppled and their supporters split allowing a very left leaning party to assume a huge majority of seats. It means major change coming to a very conservative area, in every sense of the word. Now we have a young (three are still in college) inexperienced group of MLA’s running our province. One with a very socialist agenda. One of the first things they did was a “health care assessment” deciding that the first thing we need is more abortion clinics, oh and the removal of GST on tampons. So pray for Alberta if you have any extra prayers. Its going to be a rough 4 years around here.
IMG_90915. My crunchy side has been getting some exercise.

I’ve found neighbor who organizes the purchase of “organic” (without the official label) eggs and chickens (the kind you put in the freezer, not the kind you put in the yard) from a local Hutterite colony (the Hutterites are a interesting group of religious communal people who live in rural areas around here). It’s made me happy, happy enough to consider buying a whole quarter or half of a grass raised cow from another friend whose parents ranch. I feel like an adult. A bit of a crazy adult to be so excited about a full freezer… and spending hundreds of dollars on a cow. Any advice? Is this crazy talk for a family of 4?

6. We are still on track to complete the 33 Days to Morning Glory personal retreat…

wahoo! I tried to read and thought about doing St. Louis deMontfort’s consecration (to Jesus through Mary) in highschool or my younger years, but was put off by how big of a DEAL it was, but now I am seeing God’s hand in causing me to wait til now. Praying daily with my husband and discussing our thoughts on inviting Mary, the Mother of God even more deeply into our lives and relationship has been so wonderful and I am learning so much from him, my husband, and from the experience. I am looking forward to the next 22 days and will probably share more! If anyone has thought about it, I highly recommend it. (Not sponsored or affiliate, just really like it)

7. Need a laugh?

I really don’t have much more to share, and I hear noises from the (previously was) sleeping babies room. So check out this article that Rosie shared on Facebook. It made me laugh to hard today, A Day in the Life of Pinterest

Thinking of and praying for all the mothers out there this weekend, especially my own, incredible mother, my mother in law whom I love dearly, my wonderful grandmothers, god mother, and my friends and family members who are also mothers, with children on earth, in heaven, or spiritual children. I am praying especially for those for whom mothers day is hard for any reason. God Bless us all!



About Amy

Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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2 Responses to Quick Takes – Poker, Encyclicals, Good Wife and Weddings

  1. Lauren says:

    Ok – several comments. What a fun idea to rotate weeks out with the girls/guys! I wish we had friends here and could do something as cool as that. Can you tell us a little more about the plot for The Good Wife? The title sounds interesting but I don’t do lawyer shows either… And can you translate some of that Canadian election speak? MLAs? GST? I could probably ramble more but that’s enough for now!


    • Amy says:

      Haha I was wondering what might be confusing.
      Yes, the switching back and forth has been working really well because there’s never a need to get a babysitter (for us with kids), and once every two weeks has turned out to be a really good frequency. Having good Catholic couple friends is great but a program like this is an awesome way to turn acquaintances from church or the diocese into good friends too, I was amazed how many people were interested when we started floating the idea around.
      The Good Wife has all the lawer-y stuff, and especially since that’s something else that’s a little different in Canada (we don’t have a DA – we have a “Crown Prosecutor” {gotta get the queen in there some how} for example) it took me awhile to understand it all, but it’s the back story that is more character driven (and sometimes almost House of Cards-ish) that intrigues me. Crazy lawsuits each episodes are just kind of fun. And the “Good” in the title really refers to the values and morals that the show deals with; a wife remaining faithful and standing beside her husband through an adulterous scandal is the main premise, although now in season three her morals have taken a turn for the worse.
      So about the election, Alberta is my province (like a state) and it is run by an elected Legislative Assembly, made up of Members, so MLA = Member of Legislative Assembly) and GST is the Government Sales Tax which here (in Alberta) is 5% and is supposed to be a tax added just on “luxury items” but its on basically everything, houses, cars, toilet paper, and *gasp* tampons! but not food. PST is Provincial Sales Tax, and so far Alberta does not have any. Other provinces have GST+PST combined upward of 15% added to basically every purchase. ouch.
      This turned so long, does it count as my blog post for the day 😉
      Thanks for asking Lauren


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