Huey’s cuties these days

Earlier today I got this text from a friend:



Honestly, it happens a lot. Hugh is just a total cutie! But not perfect… He has a bit of a temper, ever since he was a newborn we would describe him as the kind of kid who was perfectly calm and happy when he was happy, but when something makes him mad, he is instantly, very VERY upset, and LOUD about it. But when he is happy, he is very very sweet!



The first coloring page Clara shared with him.  They really love each other!


Stealing his uncles hat and feeling like hes a total rockstar all day! IMG_8764Green smoothie they said… It’ll be a good idea they said. IMG_8556 Looking longingly at the park across the street during school hours while the school kids are using it and we have to stay home! He climbs up the playground equipment and goes down the slides on his own. Kind of terrifying to watch, but so far he has survived!


Now that we have transitioned them to milk. (If I admit its non organic, non raw, and from a cow, do I lose all my “crunchy” cred immediately?) They are total addicts and sprawl all over the floor each morning (and afternoon and evening and…) cuddling together while they have their bottles, its pretty adorable.


We aren’t finished with our snow days. This was mid March (and we built a 8 foot snowman!) but Easter morning was almost this snowy too. Standing outside at Easter Vigil while they bless the bonfire and being snowed on was a new experience for me.IMG_8627 IMG_8636


He had to learn how to say “boots” because he wants these little work boots put on every morning pretty much as soon as he is out of bed.IMG_8641IMG_8642IMG_8643IMG_8644


I felt like I had to encourage Clara to have a love of reading, but this kid… No way, he is obsessed with books, and not just toddler style, simple, or having to do with trucks and dogs, he sits and attentively pays attention to long kids books and stories of all types, and when it is finished, he picks up the book and hits you with it until you read it again! The pictures of a day I found him climbing up on his own to pull down all the books he could reach.


Thank God for dads. (not in vain, seriously a prayer!) They wrestle like this all the time and both love it! If I weren’t pregnant I might be up for it, but I feel like I say “Don’t kick/stand on/impale the baby” more than anything else these days.


We discovered this creek/waterfall thing at the lake in our neighborhood. And I think I will spend the whole summer trying to keep him out of it because he loves the water. Although, knowing me I will probably give up and stick him in a life jacket and just go at it. IMG_8714I don’t even feel like these pictures need much commentary! Scratch that… I went back and as you can see I clearly added plenty of commentary

I want to record the words he is attempting to say, at 14 months: Ball, Blue, Boots, Touch (pronounced perfectly clearly), Hot, Dad, Please (very rarely), Mama, and lots and lots of car noises and truck sound effects. Boys….





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