Childrens books we love

In honor of International Children’s Book day (Hans Andersen’s birthday) I wanted to share some of the kids books that have been a huge hit around here, both for the kids and for me.

We make frequent trips to the library and after playing and chasing I used to quickly grab a few books off the stacks that look good, and during the next few days we read them, but I got a little annoyed by so many of them being really a waste of time and so I took to the blog world to look for children’s books recommendations, Thank you to all of you who have shared lists! I put those books on hold via the library website, so then when we arrive, there is a pile of books with our name on it, set aside just for us, and there’s a pretty good chance they are decent books!


An Annoying ABC by Barbara Bottner
Not annoying at all, actually very cute, and in the alphabet book phase I was very happy for some new ones that weren’t “A for Apple” so the alphabetical adjectives for every letter in this book, along with sweet illustrations, were enjoyed by all!


The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland
Such a cute story and illustrations that I LOVED! IMG_6856

123 versus ABC by Mike Bolt
Again, we were in a alphabet phase and that is all Clara wanted to read when I found this book at the library, this combines the alpabet with numbers in a standoff illustrated charmingly, I thought it was very fun. .IMG_6857

Fora’s Very Windy Day by Jeanne Birdsall
This is a cute story about a sister coming to appreciate her little brother. The illustrations are sweet and playful, and by the end Clara always wanted to give Hugh a hug, so it must be well written!

IMG_6859Boom Bah!by Phil Cummings
I like books that are fun to read, and this one had us all singing and dancing with the big band by the last page, so it stays on the good books list!

There’s a few books for you to look for next time you need fresh pages for your story time!



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2 Responses to Childrens books we love

  1. Ah, I know what you mean about the library! We started making regular trips and some of the books are a total waste of time. Can’t wait to see if our library has these! Thanks for the recommendations 🙂


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