Happy Thursday in November! Quick Takes

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans who are celebrating with family today! We sent some love (via photo texts!) to our USA family members featuring this little adorable girl

photo (1)

But here in Canada, where our Thanksgiving was the second Monday waaaaay back in October (feels like AGES ago!) today is just an ordinary Thursday, cereal and left overs have been eaten, and I am trying to stay off Instagram to keep my turkey and pie jealousy in check. Although I have been eating like a queen all week because friends are AWESOME! and have been helping me out with meals and invites for meals all week since Brian is away at his Gramma’s funeral.

Vernice Skiba, Brians maternal grandmother, passed away on Friday, and the funeral was yesterday in Minnesota. We were able to bring the children to meet her this past may which was such a blessing and grace! I think it is so important to strengthen family bonds and I am so happy we will be able to tell the kids stories about this wonderful woman and show them this picture of them meeting great-gramma one day.


Many prayers were offered for her during her last months and days and at the funeral it was discovered that this wonderful women, who had married a Catholic but never embraced the faith herself, had begun meeting with the priest who visited her nursing home, and attending the masses they held there. She was also able to receive communion and last rites! God is so good!

So our WHOLE life hasn’t been Jesse Tree’s lately, though sometimes it seems like it. But the end is so close, as is Advent, and we have been receiving really encouraging emails and notes from all the people who are getting their Jesse Trees in the mail. I will keep sharing these as I come across them. Becky and her family will be using the Jesse Tree this year for the first time and if you want to follow her blog, hopefully she will post through out Advent about how all their traditions are adding to her (adorable!) family is living Advent this year. She has a cute picture of her son and the full set of ornaments….never before seen on the internet, because I only took pictures when two or more ornaments were missing… go check it out!

Brian has been away this week, like I said, for the funeral and to enjoy Thanksgiving with his extended family since he was there anyway, and the children and I have been so happy catching up with friends we had neglected while I was sewing and they were “enclosed” in the playroom, and getting lots of quality time with my dad who just retired, who will be watching them again tomorrow so Mom and I can go the a soup lunch that ladies put on here every almost-advent. I just feel so blessed to have such awesome support here, family who helps out, moms group at the parish, friends everywhere I turn who are inviting us over, and coming over, and feeding us, and helping eat all the leftovers of the meals people are dropping off… seriously, its like we just had a new baby or something! Husbands gone for a few days and meals just APPEAR on the doorstep!

I was visiting with a friend the other day and we were discussing conscious friendships, and how as a adult/mom/busyperson, I’m not really sure what changes, but it just seems like friendship changes a lot from the memories of highschool or college where making friends was almost effortless.Well for me, making friends was never without effort, and so all my practice in putting in the effort and being friendly, and “fakin’it til I made it” is maybe paying back, I feel like I have more good wonderful positive friends now than ever! And I am so glad I do! The lonliness of the first year at home with a baby is definitely vanquished, and I love it!

These are turning into quick takes… which I haven’t done in so long! So two more to make 7 paragraphs, that counts right?

My sisters and I finally tried out the Jamberry nails I ordered long long ago. I felt I had to do something fun with them after inviting them over for the weekend and making them embroider roman numberals on the Moses ornament all night. So this is my sister and my hands, no I don’t have two left hands…

photo 1 (3)

I am not jam-fluent enough to know the names of all the designs that are pictured there, I think mine is called Chameleon, and Anne has icy boysenberry on, (that one I picked to match a brides maid dress for the upcoming wedding I am in) and she has a leopard print accent nail. It was really fun to put them on, (while watching a horrible movie. Neighbors, DO NOT watch it, you and your soul will regret it. such trash!)
Speaking of engagement rings, (my sister Anne, the hand model above, is planning her wedding in May) ANOTHER sister, Rosie, just got engaged to her lovely boyfriend on the weekend too! So much excitement round these parts! Congratulations Rosie and Brennan.

See how random these are… this is my mind when left to ramble during a long and simultaneous dual nap afternoon!

Last Quick Take… Babies in new pyjamas!!

photo 2 (3) photo 3 (1)


Hugh is OBSESSED with raising his arms when you as “How big is Hugh!?”  And Clara is apparently quite interested in commandeering pjs that were intended to be for him.

Not quite sure if it will be Jen or someone else hosting Quick Takes this week, I am a day early and everything. I will try to come back tomorrow to link up so you can check out the other takers, who are hopefully quicker than I was!



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One Response to Happy Thursday in November! Quick Takes

  1. Lauren says:

    Awwwwwwww….everything, aww! Haha. It’s encouraging to see your grandmother-in-law embrace the opportunity to receive communion and last rites. My husband is not Catholic but his dad married a Catholic and attends mass regularly with her, while Alex does the same with me. I don’t know if either of them will ever join The Church, but it is sweet to see how others in similar situations were drawn in. …and on a lighter note – JAMBERRY!!! All the Jams!!!! 😉


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