Advent Wreath meets the Advent Calendar!

While working on this Jesse Tree project, I have spent a lot of time at Michaels and Fabricland lately, and one thing that really jumped out to me from the clearance baskets and Michaels one time I was there, were some small purple and pink magnetic tins. I just had to snatch a few up because they were the PERFECT colours for Advent, they even had white too for Christmas, and I thought I could figure out what to do with them later. This is what I came up with!


It is kind of like a advent wreath/calendar.


I just glued felt in the lids (because they were originally clear) and drew on the numbers and star with sharpie, and inside I put little nativity scene magnets (foam stickers also from Michaels, stuck onto magnetic sheets from the Dollar Store) 011f209999798f620c72fb416f3196b8f9200480a9So week by week the nativity scene gets populated and at Christmas our fridge will look like this:


Anyways, thats the idea. But it was so simple and easy, I was able to make two sets, and stick the second one in the mail to our twin cousins (with chocolates added to the tins along with the magnets, of course!)  To hopefully help them celebrate Advent as well.

Some other random notes, I have been collecting some links to add to the Our Jesse Tree Tradition page that I made so there are some great tutorials there now, and its still not to late to make you own! (Some are as easy as hitting “print” so don’t be scared!)

I will be participating in Beth Anne’s Advent blog hop closer to the end of Advent, but check there for awesome posts all about Advent from tons of different writers all through out Advent.

Advent Blog-Hop


On a totally unrelated note, being busy with so much crafting and many projects lately, when I read Ana’s post the other night  it hit a chord and it made me wonder if I am a un-fun mom too, so I sought answers in the most reliable and proven way I could think of (no not google) and asked the two year old;

“Clara, am I fun? Am I silly?”

“No!” firm but smiling, thoughtful pause, “you’re pretty”.

I’ll take it 😉



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One Response to Advent Wreath meets the Advent Calendar!

  1. Hannah says:

    Hahah! That’s about the best answer you could get if you didn’t get a “yes.” too cute!


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