8 months and 9 months


This is for you Gramma! and for posterity.

Here is a giant pile of pictures to make up for missing Hugh’s 8 and 9 month days. Since 10 months is coming upon us, I wanted to make sure these got up here. IMG_6032 IMG_6038 IMG_6058

At 8 months (way back in September!)  he was sitting and scootching and pretty much the happiest kid. Still sleeping well. cue the perilous music

IMG_6362 IMG_6366

and the photo shoot is interrupted by “Picture of MEeeeee”


9 months he is a crawler like a crazy. everywhere up the wazoo. No sitting still for silly pictures.


Sneaky shot of Huey sleeping in (I didn’t take a picture til the very end of) mass, up until this point the 9 am mass had coincided perfectly with his morning nap. So although it was hard on the biceps to hold him the whole time, Mass had been quite pleasant. 


But then his crawling mobility went up a notch to the Grand Prix on hands and knees and pulling up on furniture, letting go for a few seconds and learning to balanceIMG_6408

And even the stairs!!


He is unstoppable now. IMG_6632
IMG_6646But adorable. So we settled with getting and installing 3 baby gates so we can isolate him into rooms or at least floors of the house, and I let him crawl up the stairs (supervised) to his bed at night as well as many “feet first!” “turn around” practice tries on the little 2 step mini staircase that goes into the playroom. Clara is his biggest cheerleader and is trying to teach him things constantly. Besides turning around for the stairs, she’s tried to teach him how to make the sign of the cross and pray grace, (no success yet) how to wave good bye (professional level waves within 2 days) and do the baby sign language for “all done” (still coming along but we know what he’s trying to say)

Sleep in general, not just him, took a massive nose dive for the past month, so beyond just staying up late to sew Jesse Tree ornaments, my sleep is interrupted multiple times by small children who are in need of their “mudder” (clara’s pronunciation just kills me!) But whatever, we get by!

He eats everything, still has only 2 teeth. Is tall and heavy (oh did you want more specific than that? sorry!) and the triple nap trap continues to keep me under house arrest most days.  They wake up by 7, he needs a nap by 9:30, sleeps til noonish when Clara goes down, and in the afternoon right about when she wakes up… he needs to be put down again!! Oh well, a few days a week we stay home and dance that dance, the other days I pretty much disregard nap times at all and we have adventures together and sleep when we can sleep! Is that balance, or just being nuts on both sides of the spectrum at the same time?

Since all those pictures were not exactly what you might call recent. Here is the most recent, up to the minute, picture of Hugh and what he’s up to while I type this.
Apparently he decided he needed a Dr. Pepper to go along with the abandoned apple he found from Clara’s lunch.


for some reason the song “All about the bass, ’bout the bass, no trebble” is coming to mind… is it trebble, or is it “trouble”?





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2 Responses to 8 months and 9 months

  1. Hannah Gokie says:

    Oh my goodness, he is so big! I’m already anticipating when Kate will get to the crawling stage – she wants it SO bad right now but just doesn’t have the dexterity yet. I’m dreading it a little bit…:)


    • Amy says:

      the crawling is so adorable!! it has to be one of my favourite stages.. Cute and adorable and still baby-ish, but so many new skills and learning every day, and just to watch the little bum shimmy as they crawl as fast as they can across the floor… adorable! she will get there, shes growing so fast herself!! dont hurry it, once they are crawling its pretty much a cup of coffee later they are not babies anymore at all!! atleast it seems like it. 😉


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