Jesse Tree Photo shoot and a Creamy Tortellini Recipe

Can I just say  that last year when I packed away the Christmas decorations, I am SO GLAD that I put the Advent stuff it its own box, marked “Advent” because today finding the wreath and candles for the photo shoot of our Jesse Tree was way easier because of it! (You’ll see below)

Anyway, last night I had a plan for dinner that got derailed at the last minute (Damn you mold!!) So I threw together the sausage I had defrosted with whatever other things  that were fast and easy that I could find, and it turned out SO WELL that I want to do it again, and don’t want to forget this “recipe”. No pictures because it tasted a million times better than it looked (not that it looked bad or anything)

  1. Sautee Italian sausage with a chopped onion, in a large frying pan.
  2. Cook cheese filled tortellini as per package directions
  3. Wash and chop broccoli (the florets but also the stem, peeled, is my favourite part!) Any other vegtables would probably be good too
  4. Add the broccoli and spinich to the fryign pan, with a little bit of water, cover and steam til the veggies are getting soft
  5. Add the noodles and a jar of Alfredo sauce, as well as the milk it takes to swish out the jar
  6. Sautee for a little longer til everything is hot and creamy and delicious
  7. and EAT!

Still hard at work on Jesse Tree sets. Eighteen are getting put in the mail tomorrow, and the other 32 will be delivered to our happy customers this week. Clara and I just got home from searching the back yard for sticks, so we could put this:

photo 1

together on the dining room table. Good in theory but a might fire hazard. Might need to use smaller candles.

photo 3

that’s better.



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4 Responses to Jesse Tree Photo shoot and a Creamy Tortellini Recipe

  1. myjessetree says:

    That is what I should have done… a separate box for Advent. I really want to get our Advent wreath and things out, but convincing my nauseous pregnant self to go dig through boxes in the basement… well it hasn’t happened yet.

    I’m excited that we have everything for our Jesse Tree out and ready, because we just made it. But I’m totally taking your idea and doing separate boxes next time 🙂


    • Amy says:

      Looking forward to seeing pictures of your Jesse Tree!!! Share with the hashtag #OurJesseTreeTradition then I will be able to share them!


      • myjessetree says:

        Totally just shared some pics of our ornaments on facebook… #OurJesseTreeTradition I haven’t set up instagram yet 😦

        So the ornaments are all individual pics right now as we haven’t set up our actual Jesse Tree yet. I’ve got my pics on my blog too


  2. Lauren says:

    YUM, tortellini!! I do tortellini with a red wine vinegar instead of the creamy sauce, but my does that sound delicious!


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