5 Whole30 Favourites

Some of our Whole30 favourite meals so far has been

  1. Sauteed Cabbage with Apples and Bacon
    Sautee chopped onions and chopped (sugarfree) bacon in ghee, add sliced cabbage when the onions are soft and transparent, you may need to cover to get the steam to soften the cabbage, add chopped apples when the cabbage is soft, and we also add sometimes some chicken sausage, or chopped vegtables like aspagagus, but you really could add anything. THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS!! Thank you to my friend Bryana for telling me about this, I would never have tried it on my own but I am so glad I did!
  2.  Prosciutto wrapped hard boiled eggs.
    This has been a lifesaver for the husbands who needed a packed breakfast to take work.
  3. Roast Chicken with herbs
    Chop up potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and fill a 9X13 baking dish, drizzle with oil and salt and pepper and stir, generously salt and pepper a roasting chicken, and sprinkle some herbs on the outer skin, stuff and handful of fresh herbs into the body cavity of the chicken (I used Thyme and Rosemary) and bake until a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the meat reads done. (about 2 hours at 400 for us) After eating the meat and vegetables, you are left with a DELICIOUS starter for some home made chicken stock from the carcass.  Also. Full meal, one pan, what is better!?
  4. BLTs
    Exactly what it says. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato, take a whole leaf of lettuce and spread some home made mayo (no sugar) down the spine of the lettuce, add a (no sugar added) bacon slice and as much tomato as you like, salt and pepper, and enjoy!! Also a great option for a packed lunch
  5. Waldorf Salad
    We are having this today and I am so excited!
    Baked chicken cut into small chunks, purple grapes sliced in half, sliced celery, green onions, and apple, covered with home made mayo (It doesn’t take as much as it seems) and salt and pepper. Yes it would be even better on a crossiant, but its delicious all by itself.

There are lots more meals we have ate and enjoyed thoroughly! I will try to post a few more recipes and take better pictures. only 12 days left! (a long time passed since starting and finishing this post!)



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